Jess gets Creative with LittleBigXi

Xi's unofficial spokes person Jess has allegedly put together a LittleBigPlanet level that works in tandem with Xi (PlayStation Home's ARG). Not only can you play LBP to get stickers and cute little doo-dads, now it can help you progress in the butterfly collecting adventure known as Xi.

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dragon823282d ago

I think Xi is great. Very fun.

Lifewish3282d ago

haven't really used Xi at all but i like to see this kind of stuff

dopeboimagic923282d ago

Man, I really need to catch up with Xi...

I'm pretty intrigued by how Xi is extending to the real world and, now, even other games! :P

Mc1873279d ago

Good to get news about Xi.

redsquad3279d ago

I actually gave up on Xi to start creating some LBP levels, so that's a nicely timed crossover here!