The Evolution of Fight Night

PSU Writes:

As one of the most prolific fighting games on the market, EA's Fight Night series has won plaudits for its solid offline multiplayer component and intense, gratifying boxing mechanics, creating a gameplay experience that blurs the proverbial line between arcade and simulation.

More importantly, Fight Night has become synonymous with some of the most striking visual's we've seen this generation, ranging from meticulously crafted facial expressions and rippling muscles to real-time injuries and jaw-dropping physics. With Fight Night 4 just around the corner, we couldn't think of a better time to showcase the graphical journey of this fab fighter, tracing the game's visual evolution from its earlier incarnations to present day.

See below for a collection of highly detailed screenshots in which we draw comparisons between Fight Night 3 and the upcoming fourth installment, due out in shops a month from today. Additionally, check out the Fight Night Round 4 sizzle trailer that displays some features that can't be conveyed still images, like the game's astounding physics and buttery-smooth animation. Enjoy.

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