GameZone Interview: ArmA II's Ivan Buchta Discusses His Plans to Create an Authentic Military Simulator; Exclusive Screens Inside

GameZone writes: "There's a distinct difference between realism and authenticity. A simulator might look realistic but play like a fantasy, or it might have primitive visuals but offer authentic gameplay. When developing ArmA II, this is one of the issues the developers took into consideration. Ultimately, they wanted to create an authentic military experience. "Rather than [speak of the game in terms of] 'realism,' I would rather use the term 'authenticity,'' said Ivan Buchta, Lead Designer at Bohemia Interactive. "We wanted to make all aspects of the game as close as possible to the experience of real-life combat without compromising the gameplay: graphics are made according to research of real counterparts of any particular object, game rules follow the basics of combat (movement speeds, ballistic characteristics, tactical rules), and the same goes for design of the background and the story itself.'"

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