Game: Virtua Tennis 2009: Review writes: "Two years ago Sega released Virtua Tennis 3, a long-overdue update to the classic arcade, Dreamcast and PSP sports series. So good was VT3 that we labelled it 'arguably the best sports game ever made', and eagerly awaited news of a sequel. It came this February, with Virtua Tennis 2009 slated for May.

Despite the lengthy wait, it soon became clear that VT3 developers Sumo Digital had been given a very short timeframe, starting late in 2008, to update VT in time for the French Open and Wimbledon. Considering that, it's impressive what they've accomplished with Virtua Tennis 2009.

Working closely with the game's original arcade developers, AM3, they've updated the roster to include current high-flyers like Djokovic, Ferrer and Britain's Andy Murray, plus legends Becker and Edberg – all with their own distinctive, authentic playstyles and animations. They've also tweaked the lob and removed the bane of VT3's gameplay, diving, replacing it with new stumble animations which give Virtua Tennis 2009 a much more realistic flow..."

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