Analysts Mull Over Possible Wii Price Cut, New Peripheral Reveals At E3

With E3 events beginning next week, video game analysts have weighed in on what to expect from the re-revamped expo, which takes place in Los Angeles.

Analyst Doug Creutz with Cowen and Company expressed his belief in widely-circulating rumors that Sony's PSP will be getting a substantial upgrade that will allow the handheld to become a bigger player in the digital distribution arena.

Mainstay games industry analyst Michael Pachter with Wedbush Morgan added in a separate research note that he expects Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to all announce "major news" during next week's expo.

Pachter added, "Microsoft will showcase several games, with the most emphasis on Halo 3 ODST. We do not expect price cuts for the Wii or Xbox 360 at E3."

If Sony doesn't announce a PS3 price cut at E3, Pachter said he expects a cut to happen in September this year.

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interrergator3404d ago

well if the wii price goes down further than its over