Rumor: Epic to Announce PS3 Exclusive

Examiner: "Next Tuesday Sony and Epic Games will announce a brand-new horror based title exclusively for the PS3. "

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Didnt the already say that the horror game was multiplatform. Sites are trying really hard to get hits these days i see.

Edit: Sorry 1 offend the fanboys i thought it was announced multiplatform dont get your panties in a bunch

- Ghost of Sparta -3340d ago

Why are you always complaining? We've yet to see an official confirmation announcement for this unknown "horror" title you're referring to. No screenshots, no platforms, just speculation.

Johnny Rotten3340d ago

That's what I remember, things can change I guess?

ultimolu3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

That's why it's under rumors? That's why the title implies "rumor"?
Don't have a heartattack.

Lol and the disagrees. Lmfao. I really don't care, to be honest. I already know what I'm buying for my PS3 already.

fox023340d ago

Get yourself ready for disappointment if you really believe this.

Traveler3340d ago

I seriously doubt this, especially considering the source.

I have both consoles so I don't really care either way.

sack_boi3340d ago

Where is the info from? No source? EPIC and Sony? Huh?

TheRealSpy023340d ago

but it's really starting to seem like EPIC is just whoring its name out to companies willing to pay for it. Gears of War was a hit but it had a lot of technical issues and most ps3 exclusive owners trashed talked it. Gears 2 was a good seller, but a much worse experience than the first one. So while i'm sure this game won't be complete crap, i think EPIC is one of the few companies that can get away with putting out average products that sell well on name alone. i own both systems so i really don't care which system a game comes to, but since epic made one game for both systems, two games for one system, and, now, one game for the other system, how about they just stop being sell outs and just start going third party, or stay loyal to one system.

EPIC wasn't always like this, but the transition came right around the first gears.

menoyou3340d ago

crappy developer so i dont care either way

Marcelles253340d ago

it is very possible because epic is the equivalent of kojima productions its very possible both of them will do multiplat-form games that will be shown at e3

IMO i think that a ps3 epic game would be crap if they use the unreal engine so i think they should just stick to what they do best the 360

fishd3340d ago

Epic is so overrated,now Bioware on the other hand...

Tony P3340d ago

An Epic game exclusively released on the PS3 using some better version of UE3. It sounds too good to be true.

I don't want to be around for the rage fest if it turns out to be solid info.

gintoki7773340d ago

thank you come again (in indian accent)

beavis4play3340d ago

i also think MS would back the "cash truck" up to epics door to prevent it from happening. MS really can't afford to have epic giving fresh IPs to the ps3. they need to keep epic on 360 only.
but you never know. epic may want to expand and this might happen. anyways, whether it's "ps3 only" or multi-plat or "360 only"........ it'll be interesting to see what epic shows at E3.

morganfell3340d ago

You were warne. Here comes Gears 2.5

cmrbe3340d ago

While i don't like Gears as i think it's full of cliche. I have the up most respect for EPIC especially Mark Rein.

People hate the UE3 but its not EPIC's fault that other devs haven't created many other Licences Game Engines.

Kleptic3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

this is somewhat believable...sources where saying Sony and Epic had started 'an exclusive project' back in 2007 before UT3 had even finished for the PS3...this popped up right around when Rockstar announced a deal had been made with Sony for an exclusive franchise/game also...

so 2 years later...and they have something to show possibly...that is not that out of line...but I still will be surprised if its true...

CryofSilence3340d ago

Don't worry Ulti, we still love you. ;)

3340d ago
leila013340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

This may sound like a stupid question but, how credible is the ""?
If this bullsh... err I mean rumor has any truth to it, then I say MEGATON.

sack_boi3340d ago

We've now passed the point where it's fun to pass on these rumors or speculate.

one thing is clear. this E3 will deliver disappointment in megaton proportions when people actually see what does get announced.

Marojado3340d ago

I thought it was multi-platform to be honest. And wasn't it a certain Cliffy B piping on about making this? He's the 360 poster boy...

cmrbe3340d ago

Sony's main E3 surprise if this is true as it would suck.

I want something big like Sony buying Kojima Productions from Konami or the secret PS3 BBC game unveil that will completely floor everyone at E3 including Kojima himself. Now thats what i want. Not some exclusive IP from EPIC that will be like Gears.

mugoldeneagle033340d ago

I have nothing against EPIC. Gears 1 was amazing (at friends house), haven't played Gears 2 yet (no 360), and the mod support in UT3 actually gave that game some long support that I enjoyed on my PS3.

My biggest gripe about this, if the rumor is true, is this "refined UE3" statement. What does that mean? Because compared to other engines the past year UE3 is being left in the dust.

I'd rather Epic delay the game and work on the PS3 from the ground up, maybe using the development pointers Insomniac and Naughty Dog have been helping people out with.

Obviously that's wishful thinking, but hey why not.

Guess we'll see next Tuesday

pain777pas3340d ago

Epic would be sending a very strong message by doing this though. They would be telling everyone we are not a Gears of war factory.

Arnon3340d ago

"Next Tuesday Sony and Epic Games will announce a brand-new horror based title exclusively for the PS3."

When was Gears of War a horror-based title? LOL you didn't even read the opening to the article did you!?

gambare3340d ago

"Epic is so overrated,now Bioware on the other hand... "

funny.... when epic was 360 exclusive was "teh best of teh best" now that could be another PS3 dev suddenly becomes 0verrated :/

Sarcasm3340d ago

"one thing is clear. this E3 will deliver disappointment in megaton proportions when people actually see what does get announced."

Yup, like You're in the movies Part 2, now with motion controls! Lips 2! Microsoft Fitness Game! Another LBP killer like Banjo Kazooie!

DarthTigra 3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

This actually seems possible.I mean why would a SONY PR man say this?

"@geoffkeighley who will know what "Epic" is up to soon enough Geoff, just have a little more patience..(thats all i got on that Mr.Keighley)"

rockleex3340d ago

Just check out the link he provided!

This rumor is true!

syanara3339d ago

If epic is making it I doubt its exclusive.

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pwnsause3340d ago

well thats surprising, now, how did they get that info.

Charlie_Shene3340d ago

lol its the examiner the just make all there stuff up. THeir a buncha wanna bees

Cartesian3D3340d ago

ANYONE remember SONY contract with EPIC games in E3 2007 about making new IP for PS3??

that contract had 3 items : 1- optimizing UE3 for PS3 2-making New IP for PS3 and 3 was unknown .

VegaShinra3340d ago

That's what people said about Rapture as a PS3 MMO exclusive from Square.

deadreckoning6663340d ago

It seems too specific to be BS. "horror title" "more refined Unreal 3 Engine than Gears 2". I believe it.

zoneofenders3340d ago

PLZ SCE dont waste your money on third party exclusive.........except MGS of course

happyface3340d ago

aww, sony fans setting themselves up for a big disappointment

epic learned their lesson with unreal tourney, ps3 exclusives dont make financial sense

fox023340d ago

Who knows, they might be stupid enough to try that again.
Look at all the developers that make games exclusively for the PS3 (LAIR and Haze developers went bankrupt), they know it's financial suicide but they just don't seem to care. They must hate Microsoft or something.

JD_Shadow3340d ago

So, using your logic, Kojima Productions, MM, Sucker Punch, Gutellia (sp?), Q Games, Insomniac, and Sony themselves should all be bankrupt right now! You know, because developers (not publishers, which Haze WAS published by Ubisoft) go bankrupt if they make a PS3 exclusive, per your failed logic.

iHEARTboobs3340d ago

How did Unreal Tournament do on the 360?

Sarcasm3340d ago

"How did Unreal Tournament do on the 360?"

It's really, "How did Unreal Tournament do on ANY platform?"

Not very well.

Oner3339d ago

+1 Sarcasm ~ That is the reality "certain types" won't admit to.

The uninformed know nothing but misinformation only to propagate their misguided views as fact...

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MattyF3340d ago

Might as well share. Let MS have Gears and give Sony their own franchise too.

Gamerbee3340d ago

I feel so sorry for 360 Fanboys right about now. I could count 15 PS3 Exlcusive since killzone. I think its time to let go of that little box of rings. XD