Return of Alan Wake Site Prompts Hint of E3 Appearance from Remedy, an Alan Wake fan news site officially sanctioned (and hosted) by developer Remedy, has been out of commission for all of 2009. The site has just popped back up, leading one conspiracy-minded Alan Wake forum poster, "shorty," to conjecture that the site is back up in anticipation of some Alan Wake news. Specifically, "that Alan Wake will be shown at E3 on Monday!"

The theories of one guy on a forum may not be enough to base a rumor on, but the following post makes Joystiq think something really may be happening. Remedy staffer and forum administrator JoukoRMD responded to that post with "Well, maybe ( site lead) ADM has that feeling too, and thus brought back," ending with a ;) emoticon.

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AnttiApina3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I am pretty sure that they are going to show it! Look at the activity of the staff members. Now compare that to last years activity.

There is no way that this game won't be shown at E3. I am sure of it knowing Remedy and their staff.

They say that they are doing something new... So let's see..


Also, who in their right mind would nurture any potential false hope?

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mintaro3402d ago

It's either now or never for Alan Wake. Hope it's good as it reminds me a lot of a stephen king novel.

really duh3401d ago

No way can't you say that about any game that took a long time to develop?

Zhuk3401d ago

Alan Wake and Xbox 360 are partnering this year to effectively neutralise the fandroid menace and to destroy the evil Sony empire at E3 once more.

Keep fighting the good fight, all Xbox 360 enthusiasts look forward to your E3 appearance which will make Sony look markedly inferior.

TheBand1t3401d ago

Oh Zhuk, you're just too much.

This site wouldn't be the same if you and DarkSniper left.

-MD-3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Zhuk you make this site worth coming to lol.

Edit: Dark Sniper isn't nearly as funny he can go if he wants.

TheBand1t3401d ago

Really? They're both a laugh riot.

Then again I find jokes about both consoles funny as long as it doesn't get serious.

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The story is too old to be commented.