Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Gameplay Video

The Lombax is back with hover boots and more weapons to whet your appetite for destruction.

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sinncross3368d ago

Oh wow!

The only ratchet I have ever played and finished was the first. This has be excited: I'm really going to get hold of the first 2 titles on PS3 asap because this looks insanely fun.

There is a second character fighting... maybe even co-op in this one!

Chris3993368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

If you look beyond the "cartoonish" art-style, there's some really impressive textures, effects, physics and depth to the game. And yeah, it looks like they might even have co-op with Ratchet's father (I suspect that's what he is).

Very cool. Seems to be on the right path to doing what a sequel should do: improving on the formula of the game and adding a few new twists while not sacrificing the spirit of the series.

Buying this for sure.

interrergator3368d ago

how bout multiplayer and coop

cmrbe3368d ago

I think those are rumored to be true.

I.G managed to get 60 MP and CO-OP in R2. I am pretty sure it would be a piece of cake for them in RC CIT.

cliffbo3368d ago

remember this is a time travel game... could be Ratchet as an older man

blusoops3368d ago

the old lombax is neither OLD ratchet or ratchet's dad. If you guys saw the interview on spike yesterday, they clearly said it's neither, it's just another lombax in the universe.

On topic, this game looks freaking awesome. I see they have upgraded the water physics in this game. If you look closely, when ratchet is in the water and he shoots that gun/animal he's holding, the ammo it's shooting actually creates ripples in the water. Hover boots FTW!!!

OmarJA3368d ago

I've watched the interview on GameTrailers's show...

They sad he's another survived Lombax beside Ratchet, & there will be also some time travel.

SaiyanFury3368d ago

This looks sweet but I can't say I'm surprised. The R&C series has always delivered great action/platforming. Great humour coupled to great gameplay and scripting is just a winning combination. I loved The first R&C Future and I know I'll love this one too.

mugoldeneagle033368d ago

They deliver every year, whether it's Ratchet or Resistance.

Looks great, can't wait for this fall for the next installment.

Campy da Camper3368d ago

Do yourself a HUGE favor and go get Tools of Destruction. It is a great playthrough.

rockleex3368d ago

I REALLY hope there's 4 player splitscreen for this game.

I remember playing Deadlocked and it was SO MUCH FUN!

I prefer 4 player splitscreen over online multiplayer any day! But having both would just be plain awesome! ^_^

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arika3368d ago

i haven't been posting for a while but this game has brought me back. cool new weapons and a hover boots what else can you ask for? count me in.

raztad3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )


Game looks beautiful. It seems improved over ToD1 and Im saying a lot, considering how good ToD1 looks. That fishy weapon is teh awesome :D

Last thing, gameplay looks more challenging than ToD1. Im really happy with that.

Only worried about a thing: To much variety again? :D

heyheyhey3368d ago

co-op basically confirmed!

old lombax dude looks pretty cool too..

the graphics are astounding, i can see improvements from TOD which was already very impressive

now all i need is a Deadlocked-style multiplayer mode.. but i can do without it if there's co-op

Djinn3368d ago

How about, no? Why does this game or any other for that matter need a damn multiplayer mode?

aldesko3368d ago

"Why does this game or any other for that matter need a damn multiplayer mode?"

Um... so people have something fun to do after they're finished with the story?

rockleex3368d ago

It has had it in the past, wouldn't hurt to have it again especially after what Insomniac with Resistance 1 & 2.

ToastyMcNibbles3368d ago

looks great i cant wait to see more footage at E3..i have a feeling we're gonna hear some awesome stuff for ACIT

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