ZoKnowsGaming: Are People Overlooking Prototype, We Think So

ZKG writes "With all the hype surrounding the PS3 exclusive Infamous, it would be very easy to overlook Activision's upcoming Prototype, that my friends would be a BIG mistake. Prototype has been a long time in the making and if early indications are correct it might just change open world sandbox style gaming forever. We think that it could be as good or better than inFamous. In reviewing our coverage of PROTOTYPE, we noticed that even we weren't giving it it's just do so we are seeking to correct that here."

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Slinger4203363d ago

At the end of the article, he says the demo should hit PSN next week. Is that true? I heard nothing about a demo.

thatruth20063363d ago

In the article we say that we think the demo could hit the PSN store in the next week or so, but we clearly say we would think. There is no substantial information as of now that they will even release one but we were going off the recent trend from Activision. Good question, we will update if we get a definite date.

rbluetank3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Alex Banner aka hulk...95% of what he does is from the hulk game.... 5% of new stuff does not convince me to spent $60 dollars on over blood/gore and bland graphics ... i will rent first... best of luck....

thatruth20063363d ago

As we recall, Hulk was a pretty fun smash em up, but from what we know right now, Prototype shouldn't just be a smash em up. Based on the details available, it has all the components to be a great game whether they can execute it, the proof is always in the playing right. We hope we can get our hands on a copy this week and if we do we will update. I understand not wanting to spend your 60 bucks and not be sure and we say that's what you have us for, to let you know if its crap BEFORE you buy it. In any case, thanks for the words we always appreciate well thought out arguments, instead of that crazy fanboy nonsense because thats not what we are about.

Gamerbee3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

What a joke. There is no area of Prototype that would come anywhere near being as good as inFAMOUS. Hands Down. No Fanboyism. inFAMOUS is an amazing game.

thatruth20063363d ago

So I don't know if you read our review of inFamous or not, but I thought we gave a pretty fair review of it. It was good for what it is but it wasn't the game changer a lot of people said it would be, you gotta give us that. It was very well done and judged independently, its excellent, but there is nothing to say that Prototype won't be able to deliver something as good or comparable is all we are saying. No Fanboyism, just real. Appreciate your thoughts.