Sam Fisher spotted in MS E3 Booth?

A picture of MS E3 booth posted by Geoff Knightley shows what looks like Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher for the first time since his old Conviction appearance. Is it Sam?

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ToastyMcNibbles3339d ago

nice looking booth i like it but wheres fisher? i can only see what looks like resident evil 5 on the monitors but i cant make out that poster to the left

Green Lantern23339d ago

welcome back sam good to see you the world need you more then ever.

3338d ago
StanLee3338d ago

Could someone please explain to me why this game is at Microsoft's booth and not Ubisoft's? Andy McNamara from GameInformer said that Microsoft wasn't letting anyone see the game but Microsoft isn't the publisher as far we know. He also said prior that Microsoft was responsible for the game's overhaul since they didn't like the new direction. What does Microsoft have to do with this game!?

laxman153338d ago

the last time splinter cell conviction was being talked about, it was a microsoft xbox 360 exclusive. as of now, it is still unknown, but this might cement that theory