Square Enix Reveals E3 Line-Up

Square Enix will once again be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA next week. Set to announce a few new titles, rumored to be a MMO titled Rapture for the PS3 as one of them, Square Enix will also be bringing a variety of other massive titles to the show.

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sinncross3398d ago

It is a real shame that Final Fantasy Versus 13 is not having a showing...

Tomdc3398d ago

ahh well it aint gunna come out till after final fantasy 13 does =/ what I want is an announcement of the greatest game eva! (yes i am going to bring this up in most my comments) Kingdom Hearts!! Can i hear a HELL YEAH?!!

*distant voice cries out "HELL YEAH!" passionately*

Thank you =)

interrergator3398d ago

is square at microsofts press or sonys?

VegaShinra3398d ago

Think so. They'll have their big announcement at Sony's though.

sunnygrg3398d ago

Think so what? And I doubt Square will be announcing anything big, but rather show the progress on their titles.

interrergator3398d ago

so long as i get a release date on ff13 im not givin up on them

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Blackcanary3398d ago


For the Wii.

3398d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.