TGH Review: UFC 2009 Undisputed

THQ's latest release, "UFC 2009 Undisputed" is based on "the fastest growing sport" known as Ultimate Fighting Championship. In short, two guys enter an octagon ring and use a series of kicks, punches, and grapples to knock out or tap out their opponent. It's mixed martial arts based, and, as a video game, it has a brief history of poor games (so bad the UFC President had to mention it!). The newest release is "2009 Undisputed," and it's living proof that all you need to get exposure is not a great game, but a great license.

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1ben23399d ago

Im all for "opinions" and bad reviews where they are due but when a website that reviews a game this badly to get "hits" , kinda affects it's credibility...

- "...worse fighting game of the year.." ?
- "...sluggish controls.." ?
- "...questionable hit detection..." ?
- " variation between fighters, and canned animations..." ?

OR simply those lame comments that scream /lrn2play

"... you’ll be twirling the stick in quarter circles to do transitions but instead you’ll be watching your guy give your opponent an amateur attempt at a massage"...

"...There isn’t even a HUD to show your health, and because there are no graphical effects to show your guy as tired..."

wrong. its called go to options. enable stamina bar. and the characters do go slower/look tired when they are
(with or without the stamina bar enabled)

The reviewer even speaks of "...80 fighters is great but not enough variation..."

like what ? you want them to re-invent wrestling/muay thai ?

I DO know from my experience with the game that it is not without its flaws, for example, the career mode beeing too short with only 7 years, sometimes even a litle 1 second lag during "offline" play, are some of the little things that need to be patched, but im sure that will come.

The only thing broken here, is the review...