Console Monster: Bionic Commando Review

Console Monster writes: "In 1988 a game called Bionic Commando was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System by Capcom, it was a tough side-scrolling platformer featuring the Bionic claw of Nathan "Rad" Spencer. Moving forward twenty years, Capcom has taken the 2D concept, and turned it in to a fully-fledged 3D experience. The new game keeps many of the original ideas, but adds a couple of twists, whilst taking advantage of the somewhat more powerful processing the PlayStation 3 can provide.

As the game starts the player sees Ascension City explode in a ball of atomic light, as it's attacked in a terrorist act. Much time has passed in the BC universe, our hero is facing a death sentence having spent the last five years in prison, stripped of his implant. As luck would have it, this new terrorist threat has killed millions, an event that gives Spencer his freedom, in order to track the bad guys down and eliminate them..."

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