Console Monster: Virtua Tennis 2009 Review

Console Monster writes: "Smash Court Tennis and two offerings from both Top Spin and now Virtua Tennis have proved that tennis is a more popular genre on the Xbox 360 than many people would expect. With Summer well and truly evident across Europe and Wimbledon set to kick off in June, Virtua Tennis 2009 has been released by SEGA, but has it proved to be ace, or a load of balls?

As with previous titles in series, the Sega Professional Tennis (SPT) Tour returns full of brand new court games, tournaments and events. The rather fun task of creating a player to compete against the world's best has been improved immensely from Virtua Tennis 3 - with a wider range of customisation options and styles available. Not only is there a lot of them, but they are also very easy to use. Possibly one of the more authentic features is being able to choose the way your player serves and stands. Every little detail is covered and it really is one of the best player creation tools available..."

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