The Future of Little Big Planet

1UP writes:

"It's been more than six months since the release of Little Big Planet, and while we've seen a steady flow of downloadable costumes and creation kits, as well as word of a PSP version, we're still waiting for the next big evolution of the game and its community. We caught up with Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans at the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden this week, and he revealed a number of exciting new features coming soon to LBP, including a web-based portal to advertise created stages, an ongoing beta test for new features, and a slate of downloadable content that he likens to the Burnout: Paradise bikes add-on."

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HBK6193403d ago

"So the first thing we're working on is a website. It's like a portal page which you are given every time you publish a level. You get your own, and it's unique to you; it's your level. It has embedded links to fan sites, and we're releasing an application programming interface (API) for fan sites to use to link into this as well. So you'll see leaderboards, comments, photos -- like a snapshot of your level -- and, ultimately, YouTube video links.

But what's really awesome about it is on that page, you can just click to say, "I like this level, I'd like to play it later," and it queues it up for you in the background on the game server. The next time you boot up the game, you'll see that level promoted and you can play it. So, creators will be given a cool way of advertising."

That sounds SO FRIGGEN AWESOME!!!!!

This will get me back into loving LBP again, just wish it could come our RIGHT NOW!

WildArmed3403d ago

I really should pick this game up :/

himdeel3403d ago

...if you have a interest in platforming games. It has more content than any other game I've ever played in my life. It also has so much new content being generated it's ridiculous.

The interface in game is amazingly wonderful to help you find the most hearted (like) games and then go on to heart those levels yourself. I've found myself starting this game up to play through the story level only to get totally engrossed in some user generate levels that have been absolutely amazing.

Finding a used copy in a retail store can be tough but I got a brand new copy off Ebay for $27 including shipping and handling. I would've paid full price for the game if I didn't come out so close to Resistance 2 but I had to have it.

Myst3403d ago

You haven't bought it yet..?

Anyway this sounds awesome and I really like how much dedication they are putting into LittleBigPlanet.

WildArmed3403d ago

please don't lynch me :(
I'mma probably give it to mi lil' sis 4 her b'day as an excuse 2 buy it lol

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budbundystyles3403d ago

Just traded mine in for inFamous. LBP was a flop for me. Just another IP that didn't put up Halo numbers (which I don't play btw), so they will subsidize it with tons of $6 costume packs. Literally a picture perfect example of how DLC is used to cheat gamers out of anything remotely decent. Its literally astonishing that MM has released five (six?) costume packs, and how many new levels? Three, with the MSG pack. Personally, I won't be buying any of Media Molecules games anytime soon. I'd rather buy a game that was great out the box, not one that was ok and wants to sell me costumes every week so I can look like characters from other IP's. F%$K that and f%$k Media Molecule for cheating gamers with this bull$hit.

cranium3403d ago

Hundreds of thousands of user-generated levels aren't good enough for you?
And it's not like you're being forced to buy the costumes. If you don't like the game then fine, but don't complain about something that wasn't forced onto you.

snaz273403d ago

sorry i dont get your logic... so you dont like any games, or rather you dont like any games that dont put up halo numbers? there all flops? just what??? and like the other guy said you dont have to buy the costumes i personally wouldnt buy any costumes either, that goes for any game, but they are hardly pulling a capcon on us (yes capcon was intentional lol)... i just dont get what your trying to say... me i loved lbp its awesome and its great that sony and their devs are making a wide range of games for all people... sure you aint gonna like all of them thats cool but moaning cos it didnt do "halo numbers" is ridiculous! personally i couldnt care less if a game sells 1 copy (mine) aslong as i enjoy it.

cmrbe3403d ago

So is 99.99% of games on the x360 considering that it sold more than most x360 games as well as rated higher that all x360 exclusive including your darling Halo 3 and Gears.

Heck even all GOTY are flops then since LBP is the official 2008 GOTY.

Sometimes i wonder why i even bother putting you in your place. You self own yourself all the time.

aksmashh3403d ago

In Every Way
The People Who Made It Are Insane But Genius

Its Really Cheap In The Uk £15 But I Guarantee You Would Of Paid Full Price After Playing It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cmrbe3403d ago

too addictive. However like Tertis i always go back to MGS4 and KZ2 for my hardcore gaming oh and now Infamous. I need a clone.

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