Front Mission Evolved confirmed for PC and PS3

Examiner writes: "The website for Front Mission Evolved is now live, revealing that the announced Xbox 360 title is also coming to the PC and Playstation 3."

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Forrest Gump3336d ago

Just like The Last Remnant,right?


Godmars2903336d ago

I'll believe it when I'm playing it...on a PS3.

- Ghost of Sparta -3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

The PS3 and PC logos are already on their website. If you need further confirmation then I don't know what else to tell you.

As long as this new Front Mission is nothing like the last one, which sucked, I'll be happy.

Edit: Developed by the Silent Hill: Homecoming team? ROFL no thanks.

Godmars2903336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Meh, I've already said that Square's word means jack to me at this point. The support site for Last Remnant probably had the PS3 logo on it too.

And what was wrong with the last - FM4? - Aside from story. And though FM5 didn't go West, the mechanics and animations looked good. Improved. Though its story was likely as bad as FM4.

thanks for proving my point. Bubble up.

skyfire22613336d ago

Whatever, FM4 was great including the story. I wish we got FM5 and I'd like to see the previous FM's brought to PSN! Wishful thinking i know.

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gambare3336d ago

you kidding? Front Mission, RTS tactical mech RPG?

the bad part of this is that the "westernized" version of FM turned this great franchise to a TPS, squareenix did it again.... thanks microsoft

really duh3336d ago

Whoooa!!! are you guys getting hostile?

Godmars2903336d ago

Its not real time but turn based, like most Japanese strategy games.

gambare3336d ago

yeah, I messed up the terms, it was TBS (turn based strategy) that's right, it's turn based, but not all JRPGs are turn based, just look at Legend of mana for an example

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Raoh3336d ago

where did you get that it was an FPS? I hope not.. strategy RPG is what i want..

i would stay up for hours playing front mission, tweaking my mechs, losing battles learning new strategies.. very underrated series in my opinion..

then again.. this is the new and improved square.. they could muck it up in the worst way...

if ffxii failed i would at least be happy if this was good.

housegroove763336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

It talks about the change from SRPG to TPS in the article

"Unlike the past turn-based strategy titles, Front Mission Evolved is a third-person shooter."

That really sucks in my mind, they should have kept it an SRPG

Tony P3336d ago

So the moment Eastern devs allow Western devs to work on a major SRPG franchise we turn around and make yet another shooter. *facepalm*

RememberThe3573336d ago

Yeah, we're really showing our creativity, aren't we?

rockleex3336d ago

If they follow Valkyria Chronicles' footsteps and combine shooter mechanics with strategy!

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Raoh3336d ago

I really hope this comes out. I love the Front Mission Series.

Kain813336d ago

it has only the Name but it is a FPS

Raoh3336d ago

Really? An FPS?


i'm sad now..

SpaceSquirrel3336d ago

Technically, it is a third-person shooter.

Tony P3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

The space squirrel beat me to it. (I hope that's the only occasion I have to write that sentence)

And yes, still disappointing.

SpoonyRedMage3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

haha Tony P, have a bubble...

Perhaps they shouldn't have used the Front Mission name but I don't honestly know if this would be recieved if it was a new IP. Look at the reception to Nier.

EDIT: Arr, I ment for the comment 3.3

Godmars2903336d ago

Wait until you hear more about it.

Looks more like a 3rd than 1st person shooter. Probably with Armored Core type weapons customization. Add a network multiplayer/MMO component and there might be something.

Tony P3336d ago

@spoony: Thanks, take little something in return. ;)

I hope it's not just a sales thing. It's not like taking on FF in the title. That works because FFs aren't typically related, I imagine. Taking on the Front Mission name means taking on a lot of lore and I'd hate for them to put out a title that has nothing to do with anything actually FM related.

@Godmars: It'd be great to get something comparable to Japan's FM Online. That's probably thinking too grandiose though...

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