First in-game footage of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

PS3-Sense posted up the first in-game footage of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. The screenshots show in-game Ratchet action and also (probably) one of the bad guys in the game. They definitly look promising!


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ReaperXL73369d ago

Looks great as always, can't wait to see what kind of weapons insomniac has cooked up this time.

Daoshai3369d ago

I've never really played the series, but looking to get in, there some games that I must play?

Kamikaze1353369d ago

The PS3 Ratchet and Clank games are a trilogy. Play the first PS3 one, then Quest for Booty (PSN download), then this.

Daoshai3369d ago

ahh thank you, I'll check it out.

No FanS Land3369d ago

you might want to check first the PS2 series. There Are four Titles

Ratchet and clank
R&C : going commando
R&C : Up your Arsenal
R : dealocked

There are also 2 PSP titles that are ported to the PS2, Secret agent clank and R&C: Size matters. Though those two titles are developped by ex-members of insomniac and are less good.

SevWolf3369d ago

you really shld try it, I bought Ratchet and Clank tools of destruction and quest for booty not too long ago, and just got into, personally I think its better than what Ive heard and ive heard great things about, Im nearly done with TOD and about to start QFB, I just love the humor in it, escpescially those small ones which you really need to concentrate to see, just like the....NO must restrain from spoilers!

gaffyh3369d ago

I recently got a Wii and I had heard (and I expected) Super Mario Galaxy to be a really good platformer. But it's not, at all, Ratchet & Clank Future is easily the best platformer this generation so far. And the sequel will be awesome as well.

SMG is similar to Super Mario 64, Mario controls like ass, he can't turn on the spot so you just always fall into something if you're near the edge, really retarded. I can only play it for like 20 mins at a time, it p*sses me off after that, very annoying camera angle.

I don't care what any Wii fanboys say, it is not the best platformer ever, and Super Mario 64 is better than it.

fishd3369d ago

LOL @ the disagrees!!!

Someone should unleash the whirlwind of his wrath and send them running!

WhittO3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Stop being so greedy for hits and either post a link to youtube for the vid or atleast put it on a site that can take more than 100 people viewing it!

ChickeyCantor3369d ago

" he can't turn on the spot "
Not to be an ass, but the one who is playing retarded is you.
Cause that is just a false claim.

Sarcasm3369d ago

I have to say I enjoy the Ratchet franchise more than the Resistance franchise.

- Ghost of Sparta -3369d ago

Looks like the disagree fairy has arrived. Probably a Banjo Kazooie fanboy angry at the fact that Rare sucks now, while Insomniac continues to dominate with the Ratchet & Clank series. :D These screenshots are crap though. Not even official or anything.

Trebius3369d ago

First of all...theres no such thing as a wii fanboy...that might as well be a mythical creature...or an old lady...

Second...SMG was a great game and well-received even by sony and xbox fanboys...just cause you cant play a game that a child can play, doesnt mean there's a flaw in the game, theres a flaw with YOU.

It is your opinion though, and you're entitled to it, but it stems from your inability to play a simple game...

pain777pas3369d ago


What you posted is dangerous but to be honest may be true. Resistance series is good but Ratchet is a fine tuned set of games that are the best overall platformers this gen unless we include inFamous and then the debate is on.

s8anicslayer3369d ago

I don't know how this story got approved? Footage means video these are screenshots and it should be listed as that view screenshots? but those are some choppy scans

Downtown boogey3369d ago

comes as the second the best PS3 exclusive game to date; right after MGS4.

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remanutd553369d ago

looks great , i cant wait to play it

Forrest Gump3369d ago

I LOVE the way the Graphics look,if Insomniac can get Multiplayer in this then I'm pretty sure I'll be spending an incredible amount of time playing this.


Too much disagrees just for stating your opinion. Anyway Tools of Destruction was really an amazing game. If you want a graphical prove of what the PS3 can do just play it. Pixar like grafics at 60 fps. Crank in Time will be just as amazing. the graphics are really awesome. It was one of my top five games at the gametrailers show.

Ratchet and Clank CIT
Uncharted 2
Dantes Inferno
Lost Planet 2
Mass Effect 2

These were my top 5 games in no specifical order. With a honorable mention to MW2.

Well guys:


Downtown boogey3369d ago

Yet, games are always about war.

unrealgamer583369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )


[email protected](why so serious) XD

Forrest Gump3369d ago

Don't worry about the disagrees,it's 1 kid doing it.

rockleex3369d ago

But it seems like kids are even MORE dangerous! O_O

ReaperXL73369d ago

Insomniac is basically the Pixar of the gaming world. I think the visuals and storytelling/comedy alone in Rachet and Clank just make that obvious.