Xseed announces Lunar and Half Minute Hero for PSP

Localization of Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star is progressing rapidly. Xseed plans on publishing the PSP game in North America under the name Lunar: Silver Star Harmony this fall.

Half-Minute Hero is also coming to the PSP this fall. This is the US version of Yuusha 30 which came out in Japan yesterday. In the game players battle against the dark lord in four kinds of games while the clock counts down to the end of the world.

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Chris3993406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

One for the history books people. I don't think I will have spent this much cash on JRPGs ever really.

PS3: X-Edge, White Knight Chronicles, Demon's Souls, Zill O'll, Last Rebellion, Trine, Atelier Rorona, Trinity Universe, Vesperia (we know the last 3 I mentioned are coming, simply a matter of when).
PSP: Crimson Gem Saga (playing it now, great game!), Lunar, Class of Heroes, Undead Knight's, Queen's Blade, Persona, Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday, .hack/ Link, Growlanser PSP.

And those are just the ones that we KNOW about. For Sony systems, if we toss in the rest of my consoles, I'll need to take out a second mortgage.

When it rains, it frickn' pours.