Rumor: Halo ODST to feature 5 Helljumpers?

A pic of Microsoft's E3 booth may have given us a sneak peek at Halo ODST's cast. It appears to be that ODST will feature 5 different Shock Troopers. Perhaps ODST will feature some 5 player co-op action.

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N4PS3G3364d ago

Thats looks fukin awesome

Monchichi0253364d ago

Can't Freakin wait till Monday to get all the 411!!!

M_Prime3364d ago

this feels like old news... but i know its NEW.. i guess earlier they mentioned it would be involving 5 people.. my question is didn't they say that the you land alone and find out what happened to the others with holo images or something.. its not like MS to be so tightlipped about anything but i'm glad they are not bursting their E3 bubble early

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Halo3 MLG Pro3364d ago

Yeah I read an in depth article in Gamepro about this game. This game is going to serious pwn. Looks to be very open almost like Fallout 3. I love the idea of being a random soldier in the middle of a huge war that doesn't Master Chief. The Halo Universe is so freaking sweet.

TheBand1t3364d ago

I doubt the world in ODST will be as expansive as Fallout 3's.

Still, I'll be sure to keep a tab on ODST. Play it at my cousin's house.

36T3364d ago

Being able to play five player co-op in ODST would be truly awesome! I'll wait for it to be confirmed before i get too excited.

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The story is too old to be commented.