Mad Catz and Microsoft Sign Agreement for Xbox 360 Wireless Specialty Controllers

Microsoft and leading accessories maker, Mad Catz have announced that they have signed a license agreement for Xbox 360 Wireless Specialty Controllers.

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GWAVE3340d ago

I think Mad Catz's dedication to quality and Microsoft's dedication to quality jive really well together!

Pennywise3340d ago

lol! Matcatz quality sucks. You have a very valid point. Peas in a pod.

M_Prime3340d ago

MS did get better though.. i have the new 360.. and i am aware that they are not RROD proof but i do spent 12+ hours a day on it and no probs yet.. my longest GTA4 session was almost 8 hours... and i only turned it off to do laundry..

also my friend told me that the main problem with the 360 is the X-CLAMPS that hold the heatsinks in.. his 360 is from when they launched and he has took the X-CLAMS off and put heatsinks in with screws and also modded the fan to always spin at full speed.. (hes a big techie and apparently its just 1 wire that needs to be plugged in somewhere else) and his 360 is running.. apparently the heat warms up the board and the X-CLAMPS pull the board in.. so it bows.. and then solder connections break and we get RROD.. I am just saying what he said.. my 360 is from Xmas.. and i do not plan on opening that bad boy at all until my 3 years is up.. and so far so good..

manwich253340d ago

just give me a decent D-pad.