Aion: first beta preview, collector's edition, and class previews

Aion has its first beta phase preview from June 5 to June 7. Also detailed behind the jump: the collector's edition, and class previews.

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Midgard2283334d ago

i wish this game was out already me and my GF are trying to get into the beta.

the main attraction for me in this game is.....everything lol, wings, the way the combat looks, the graphics, flight, Flight Combat, amazing armro and weapon designs

insane character creation, upgradable wings, it looks amazing. i cannot wait ;p i haven't played an MMO since everquest 1 lol.

this game is getting me back in

the character creation is so deep u dont need multiple races, u can make how big u want ur ears, how short/fat/skinny u are, how big ur head/breast/legs/ wat ever is,

in short smackdowns create-a-character but with nice models and awesome hair.

u can keep anyweapon you want if it looks cool, if u dont like the way another weapon or armor looks but its stronger u can fuse it into the weapon/armor u like and give it its stats so u dont have to worry that you look dumb but are strong. awesomeness XD

Baliw3334d ago

Europe gets screwed:

Standad Edition US$49.99 (€49.99 /£34.99)
Collector's Edition US$69.99 (€69.99/£54.99)

Long Live to Currency Exchange.

INehalemEXI3334d ago

my gf would destroy it though /sigh