Square Enix to Showcase New Direction at E3 2009

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the publisher of Square Enix(R) interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today a broad lineup of titles for the 2009 E3 Expo, taking place between June 2 - 4. Highlighting the steps it has taken to become a more global entertainment company, Square Enix will not only feature games developed in partnership with U.S. and European developers such as FRONT MISSION EVOLVED(TM), ORDER OF WAR(TM) and SUPREME COMMANDER(R) 2 at their booth; but continues to offer the highest-quality experiences across all platforms, with highly anticipated new games such as DISSIDIA(TM) FINAL FANTASY(R) and FINAL FANTASY XIII, in addition to the next installment in the beloved KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days.

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knox3341d ago

YES! Crystal Bearers!

GWAVE3341d ago

I hope their "new direction" involves making better games and keeping their promise to be a multiplatform company.

Raoh3341d ago

nice, front mission is multi platform but i hope its not timed exclusive.

i havent had my front mission fix in a long time.

Myst3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

*Does some carthweels*

Yay Dissidia, Crystal Bearers, and My life as a darklord; but where is my code name rapture information!?

unrealgamer583341d ago

"Square Enix to Showcase New Direction at E3 2009"

hopefully away from microsoft's wallet XDXDXDXDXDXDXD