Wolfenstein 3D XBLA/PSN Remake Gets Release Date

The ESRB revealed in March that a remake of Wolfenstein 3D was coming to Xbox 360 and PS3. Activision just confirmed the remake's existence today and announced that it will arrive next week.

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Gamer_Politics3249d ago

i'm not buying this unless...Activision upgrades those graphics

EvilCackle3249d ago

They haven't said anything specific about the remake so I'm guessing they're not really doing anything special to it.

ottoenie3249d ago

yippie, lol, i love(d) this game, also have it on iphone, btw people, they released a patch for iphone that greatly improved texture quality, so i hope this will also happen for the psn version (i think so).

unrealgamer583249d ago

lmao well thats a quick release

redsquad3249d ago

Shouldn't take long to download then!!!

I'll probably buy this on the basis of nostalgia, but then find it totally horrible and regret parting with my loot.

EvilCackle3249d ago

It'll probably only be about 5 bucks. I imagine finding it for free online would be easy, though.