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There is one thing the PS3 needs more of, and they are exclusive triple A titles. Back in January, while looking at the upcoming games for 2009, Sony certainly looked to have the strongest range of exclusive titles. I made a bold prediction stating that 2009 would be the year that the potential power of the PS3 will be fully realised. One of the highly anticipated exclusives to hit the PS3 this year is inFAMOUS, a third-person open-world action adventure that gives you a bunch of powers and leaves you to decide your own destiny. With the game getting so much coverage from the media, press, and marketing teams over recent months it would be easy to think inFAMOUS is yet another over hyped title. But I can assure you, that is certainly not the case here, to find out why read on

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Socomer 19793337d ago

Wheres mooks? Arent you heavily involved with all the late reviews for this game? Its as if you are as unsure about this as your own sexuality.

Why o why3337d ago

Period...haters can droll over and cling to the 'euroteams' way below average reviews. Those who are sceptical should rent it and im sure you'll see why 'euroteam' are full of sh!te. Dont let those charlatans damage our industry any further with their pompous self indulgent drivel

Socomer 19793337d ago

if youre a erader of n4g and dont really comment I really suggest you check this dam game out. Im sure youve read all my bullSH!T before but I want you to take me serious this time because i mean it.
InFamous will rock your socks off.

monkey nuts3337d ago

Your Playstation 3 needs YOU!... to buy this game.