IncGamers Preview - The King of Fighters XII

IncGamers' Tim McDonald gets into the ring with The King of Fighters XII.

"Any game series that has roman numerals in the name which start with an X is cause for worry. There's the potential problem that it's gotten too long in the tooth; that the series has gone on for too long. There's also the potential problem that there's so much in the way of plot and added features, that feature creep has made the game completely impenetrable to newcomers.

The King of Fighters XII looks, from my brief experience, like it's trying to avoid both of these problems."

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thetamer3400d ago

Awesome. I thought they'd stopped doing this game

GameGambits3400d ago

Already have this one pre-ordered for my PS3. With the PS3 version having an exclusive Clan option, and plus after playing SF4 on my 360 I know I need a PS3 version of a good fighter. I can't use the dpad worth a dam on 360, because it puts in 50 diff directions than you point, and the sticks are way less precise methods than dpads.

I might even shell out cash for a fight pad when this hits if I get addicted. Either way this game is shaping up awesome!

They just need to add K' and I'll grab a collectors edition if it comes out over the regular! ;D

Maticus3400d ago

Sounds good, nice preview :)