MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Third Game Update: Speed and Adrenaline Rush

Jed Ashforth on Official US PlayStation Blog:

"As 'Stormers' worldwide continue to collect their FREE Signature Liveries every week, all eyes are turning towards the coast of the setting sun to see what's in store next. We're well aware of what you've all been wishing for – Tracks, Modes, fresh Rides and a few surprises on the side. All wishes, we're very happy to report, that we're about to make come true.

If you're one of the fortunate 40,000 attending E3 at the LA Convention Center on June 2-4, and you're a MotorStorm fan, then you'll be able to count yourself amongst the first in the world to witness our 2 new major downloadable content packs, 'Expansion: SPEED' and 'Expansion: ADRENALINE'. Rammed bumper-to-bumper with new content, you're going to need to set aside some serious time to investigate them both fully."

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heyheyhey3405d ago

daaaamn.. that's a monster amount of new stuff.. good job Evolution :)

shine13963405d ago

content should be good and the quality should be high. but how much?

remanutd553405d ago

OMG!!!! stormers all around the world been waiting for this since a couple of months ago , excited to finally see it coming soon , new tracks , new cars , new mini festival , new trophies , new microbagdes , new paint jobs , new characters and more hells yea im in !!!!!, i won in the photo contest , i hope i get my Motorstorm tshirt soon and after Pacific Rift DLC im getting Arctic Edge !!!!!! LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!

Karum3405d ago

This is awesome, I'm a huge Motorstorm fan and I'll definitely be picking these up and I won't mind paying for that kind of content.

Thanks Evolution.

jBat173405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

i love taking pictures in motorstorm.. in fact, the wallpapers for my ps3, psp, cellphone and computers are all pictures i took from MS.. and yeah, i love this game, just 10 more gold medals and i get the trophy for festival

i suck at multiplayer, though

cmrbe3405d ago

but does anyone know what Evolution is working on apart from MS Artic?.

Any guess?. I wonder if they are going to branch out of MS and create another new racing IP. MS PR is the best offroad racing game i have ever played but i wonder if Evo will go back to their rally roots for another new WRC.

Evo could very well be PD of offroad racing and Sony might want them to focus only on a single IP and refine it to perfection like PD with GT.

remanutd553405d ago

at cmrbe evo isnt working on Arctic Edge , Big Big studios are

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