No More Heroes: DS in next months Edge

The trailer and screens have been revealed today but it looks like Edge will get the good stuff next month. As you can see by the above pic, that looks to be Travis' new sword in the game.

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qface643368d ago

i know the name is desperate struggle but when i read that tittle i thought an actual ds no more heroes i was about to say whaaaa o.O

SpoonyRedMage3367d ago

I keep thinking that. It'd be an interesting idea but I don't think a DS version would work.

idiealot3367d ago

thought the same as well. it could work, the way that ninja gaiden or the world ends with you. here is the hopin it happens. look how god of war turned out on psp! i watched the new trailers last night about 10 times already! so excited for this game!

kunit22c3366d ago

thats what i thought too!

fatstarr3366d ago

but im still lovin the news, i cant wait to hear and see what they fixed. my winter is dead officially. too many games soo little time. <makes a videogame fund> -starts savin for 15+ games-

Cajun Chicken3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Ah, I've seen what's happened here.