Amazon offers Blu-ray, DVD Trade-In Program

Retailer this month began offering a program that allows customers to trade in their Blu-ray disc or DVD titles for an gift card.

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Crazyglues3340d ago

this is a serious threat to eBay and to Gamestop since they have been doing this for games too...

Bnet3433340d ago

This is a threat to eBay? Please explain. eBay is nothing but a middle man.

Crazyglues3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

since a lot of people sell games on eBay myself included, this is instant gratification since you get credit in the form of a gift card right away.

so for some people who might sell there used game on eBay, they may now consider just sending it to Amazon and put that credit towards a new game.. Even if you want to say you don't see how that could start to hurt eBay surely you see how it could start to hurt Gamestop..

Any competition to your business is something you have to look at, just because it might not be stealing a huge market share doesn't mean it's still not a threat.

Because if your eBay and you are use to making 1.3 billion a year and revenue cuts down to 1.0 billion that's a problem.

crck3340d ago

you can trade in a just released game to amazon for $22-$25 or sell it on ebay for $40-45. You still have to pack both and ship both and instant gratification? I've tried trading in games twice to Amazon both times it took exactly 2 weeks from the day I dropped it off in the mail box to the time I got the gift cert credit. Hardly instant gratification.

Forrest Gump3340d ago

Major plus for Bluray,hopefully the rates are good.