Way of the Samurai 3 is an xbox 360 exclusive in the US

UFO interactive publishing it, but only as a Xbox 360 exclusive.

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sack_boi3400d ago

This doesn't make sense.

Bnet3433400d ago

Yes it does. Who has more consoles in the US? Xbox 360. Maybe making it for PS3 cost too much for the publisher because of the Blu-Ray discs? That's just me speculating. I honestly don't give a damn about this game.

jmare3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Like it matters. This is only for the US. If someone in the US wants this game that badly, they can import it from Japan. Region-free games, remember.

Edit @ sackboi: From what I can tell, this is a niche Japanese game that will be big in Japan which means that the US market isn't that big to begin with. Niche games attract the type of people that will import the game from other countries just to play it. The publishers release big games in order to increase the appeal to the consumer and thereby increase revenues. However, you completely missed the point that if a PS3 owner wanted to play this game, they could simply import it. Something you can't do on the 360.

Mr_Bun3400d ago

Your argument is lame....who has more consoles...Japan or NA? You are aware that Japanese PS3 games are on Blu-ray discs too right?

Just like jmare said, PS3 owners can just import from Japan as there are 0 region specific PS3 games

sack_boi3400d ago

In that case Japanese companies should just stop releasing their PS3 games in the US since the PS3 is region-free.

Gamer_Politics3400d ago

yes...everyone lets import something with no english subs...

SullyDrake3400d ago

I bet it's just a timed exclusive. It'll sell a ton in Japan on PS3, and it'll sell here on 360 but not as well, although well enough for them to make a few extra bucks to spend on production costs to bring the PS3 version stateside.

Mu5afir3400d ago

If they don't want to publish the game for the PS3 in the U.S. .. it's their loss. I am assuming they are not releasing it because, Ninja Guiden Sigma 2 is going to release for the PS3.

Mr_Bun3400d ago

About a month ago, I imported Demon's Souls from Japan and the entire game is in fact, it was released in Japan with English voice overs.

SaberEdge3400d ago

I loved the first Way of the Samurai on PS2 and I hope this new one will be just as good.

If this is a 360 exclusive in the US it will be just like Tenchu Z, which was another series I played on the PS2 but that has now found its home on the 360.

sack_boi3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Yes, but not all Japanese games released in Japan have English subs or English voice-overs (Yakuza 3 and the future FFXIII for example)

SaberEdge3400d ago

I know, it's silly to act like you can just import any game and enjoy it the same way. Unless of course you can speak fluent Japanese. Some games have English subtitles or dubs, but many don't.

Kamikaze1353400d ago

It's a PS3 exclusive in Japan. That's why he says it doesn't make sense, lol. Anyway, I'm guessing nobody wanted to bring it over to the PS3 to the US so Microsoft decided to pick up the rights for a US release.

Dir_en_grey3400d ago

This game was release in Japan on PS3 first as an exclusive, then it got ported to 360 with extra stuff making the PS3 version obsolete.

The publishers in US only license and publish them, they are not gonna go waste time and money to code all the extra stuff from the 360 to the PS3 version.

There's no point in releasing both versions in US with only the PS3 version gimped from extra missions/items etc.

Tony P3400d ago

"Kigmal, you don't know wtf you're talking about
It's a PS3 exclusive in Japan."

You can't say someone else doesn't know wtf they're talking about when you don't. It is not an exclusive game in Japan.

@Dir En Grey: That's the first explanation I've read that's made some sense.

pain777pas3400d ago

This is the beginning of this sort of thing. I feared that this would happen eventually. The divide Japan systems for Japanese gamers and vice versa for the US. Now I hope there is only one console next gen based on a group of partners cause this is stupid.

Bnet3433400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Let me spell it out for the retard Mr Bun above who doesn't understand me. It's exclusive in the US for the 360 because 360 has more consoles sold in the US and they think that their games wouldn't not sell on PS in the US. I added that blu ray discs thing with "?" because I wasn't sure, it was just a guess.

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Socomer 19793400d ago

you know if that seriously is the case then sony should just let devs mess with a dvd instead of wasting the bluray if they arent gonna use the space. i think your argument is legitimate.

Fishy Fingers3400d ago

Sony don't seem interested in doing that. Even games like GT5:p or Wipeout, which could easily fit on a DVD still shipped on a BD.

jmare3400d ago

I thought wipeout was DL only.

Fishy Fingers3400d ago

Ah yeah, sorry it is, I meant to put Warhawk. Still I think my point was rather clear.

Bnet3433400d ago

lol wow thank you, a ps3 fanboy (no offense) who says something nice to me. And what I said was just me talking, I'm not stepping on top of everyone claiming I know everything. Some people like Mr Bun need to chill the phuck out. A BR disc cost more then a handful of DVDs maybe thats why some devs don't like making multiplats for PS3. MAYBE, just MAYBE, I'm not saying that's the case.

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Gamer_Politics3400d ago

well...ps3 production is just to expensive for alot of these small time devs

jmare3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Just like the second 'o' in "too"?

EDIT: Below: I can't tell if you think that developers buy Dev Kits for $400 or if you think because the retail price developers don't think people will buy the console for this game. Either way, you over reacted to me giving you sh1t on your poor grammar and turned it into a fanboy argument. Good job.

EDIT2: Whatever you say, genius.

Gamer_Politics3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

just like that 4 double 0 price tag....

Edit: fanboy argument?no such thing.......

heyheyhey3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

the game is already available in Japan, it was actually a timed exclusive for the PS3.. some company is PUBLISHING in NA only on 360

let's learn to read!

EDIT: ok, your beyond help.. see ya!

Mr_Bun3400d ago

Bubbles....that was funny!

Didn't anyone read the know, the part that says "a PS3 version is already out in Japan"?

Gamer_Politics3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

yes in japan...where ps3 owners dont buy games but wait its the same situation here in america

Edit:for what?give me one reason...

Mr_Bun3400d ago

Is that your way of apologizing for not reading the article?

Why o why3400d ago

so say ubisoft, konami, activision, ea...yeah we really dont buy games do we ¬_¬ you are no Zhuk and your trolling is sugar free

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Solbadguy3400d ago

get how NIS America can bring over games like Cross Edge but these people can't bring this game to the PS3

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