Tatsunoko vs Capcom To Have Roster Tweaked for U.S. Release

BeefJack writes: "Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes will be seeing a release as Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-stars in the U.S. Well…sort of. The game will not be a straight port of the quirky Japanese title, rather the game will be tweaked for content as Capcom tries to work out licensing deals with all the characters on the Tatsunoko side of the cast. This has always been the issue facing a domestic release of the Japanese title, as multiple companies own the rights of the characters on the Tatsunoko side in the United States and getting everyone to agree has proven a major obstacle."

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Myst3341d ago

Aww, darn you companies for not agreeing; though I don't know what the terms may have fully been so I shouldn't talk to much. At least we are getting the title localized over here in the states so can't complain a whole lot.

SinnedNogara3341d ago

Well what they should really do is get us more familiar with the Japanese characters.

(and add online multiplayer).

Smacktard3341d ago

Hopefully not many characters are taken from it. I hope they keep that big golden wafer-looking Golem guy. He looks awesome. Also, I hope they add many more than they take out :D

SpoonyRedMage3341d ago

Yer, hopefully they can compensate. Either with more Capcom characters or some other characters that the US companies have rights to.

N4g_null3341d ago

This could be good as I'm sure they could just add more characters from capcom and other cool shows from japan. Unlockable sf4 character would be cool hint hint.