First look: Sky Player on the Xbox 360

TechRadar says: So in the Autumn you will be able to use the Sky Player through your Xbox 360 – with the tie up between one of Britain's biggest broadcasters and the might of Microsoft already looking damn impressive.

Of course, the version that was being shown off to the press was still an early version of the Xbox Sky Player, but it's already showcasing much of the functionality.

TechRadar has had plenty of time to play around with the Xbox Sky Player in its foetal stage, and we have to confess to being entirely impressed by what we have seen.

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mchax3285d ago

Looks pretty cool - much better than Sky's normal EPG even.

4Sh0w3285d ago

Yeah I like the pic with you and your friends virtual Avatars watching the game in a stadium, sort of corny but still a cool idea.

Bnet3433285d ago

Okay Microsoft, now give US the Hulu Player on the dash ....

aksmashh3285d ago

I've Got A PS3 Now But Makes Me Wanna Get A 360 Back!!!!!!

I Wonder If You Need A Dish?

LoVeRSaMa3285d ago

As a fan of the PlayStation brand I am impressed at this new feature, hopefully Sony will also do something like this with Virgin Media perhaps? :D

Alvadr3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

When i first saw this I thought. Yey, something I will actually use... But then I thought, Hmmm to get this you would need a sky subscription. If you have a subscription you will already have the sky box... So wouldnt I just watch sky on my skybox.

whoelse3285d ago

I am impressed and I hope Microsoft hasn't donated a huge check to Sky to keep it exclusive because this would be great for the PS3. Ok we do have PlayTV but that doesn't offer channels like live sports etc

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Gamer_Politics3285d ago

MS are doing big things with its xbl service

360 man3285d ago

that looks really good

xbox live is always innovating the media scene

Jdaco63285d ago

The NXE and the Live Platform could do some great things for MS if they can continue like this. Looking good!

BX813285d ago

So is sky like having cable?

BX813285d ago

@360 Man, thanks. XBOX Live keeps delivering. This is gonna be sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.