Star Trek Online: Expected Release Date Revealed

The expected launch date for the highly anticipated MMO, Star Trek Online, has been revealed in Atari's latest financial report.

Atari is hoping the MMO, which already has a huge following made up of Star Trek fans and online gamers, will benefit from the success of the Star Trek film that was released recently.

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Maticus3341d ago

It's good to have an idea at last :)

Leord3341d ago

I really look forward to Star Trek Online.

Champions look good, but isn't REALLY for me (unless I get a free account from someone :) )

Redrudy3341d ago

Great news. One for the diary.

Dorjan3341d ago

Awesome, I can't wait to command my own starship online!

cyclindk3340d ago

I just want to run the transporters... just sit there, day after day transporting people back and forth... and every once and a while turn the dial too high and roast/scatter someone's molecules :)

Fyzzu3341d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to this one. The more I hear, the better it sounds - and I'm not even much of a Trek fan.