Is Hulu Coming to Xbox 360?

Gozmodo writes, "Olivia Munn, geek goddess of Attack of the Show, posted an interesting tweet last night. "Just finished promos for hulu/microsoft event I'm doing on june 8!" Just what hulu/Microsoft event could she be referring to?

To us, it seems likely that this event is supporting a Hulu on Xbox 360 announcement coming at E3. Why? Because Hulu on the 360 makes a lot of sense. Quite simply, it's the best internet service you can bring to a TV. So if Microsoft were to pick just one piece of internet entertainment to offer Xboxers (and with no web browser, they need to pick and choose), Hulu (and maybe YouTube) would be top on the list."

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sonarus3253d ago

Is it really? I know it works on PS3 browser but is it being integrated into PS3 browser?

GWAVE3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I'm going to laugh. I'm going to seriously laugh out loud if this is touted as M$'s "Sony killer" at this E3, especially since:

- It's already available through the PS3's browser
- No one buys a game system to watch movies, olololololol!

And for the below posters, I'll explain the above sentence: it's in reference to all the hypocrites who screamed "Dur dur! I bought my system to play games, not watch movies" when Blu Ray demolished HD-DVD.

ElementX3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I watch movies on my PS3 all the time.

360 and PS3 are "entertainment systems" not "machines which only plays video games"

jmare3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

It's not just movies, it's also TV shows. You know the same thing you can do already with a PC, PS3, and I think even smart phones.

EDIT @ GWAVE: I understood the sentence. Meet my friend, his name is sarcasm.

RebornSpy3253d ago

Based on game sales, it seems that the majority of PS3 owners only watch movies on their PS3's...

But I doubt that this will be MS's biggest announcement. It probably won't be an announcement at all. It's just speculation.

Xeoset3253d ago

To anyone wondering about whether or not this will hit Europe because of Hulu's segregation...

Microsoft signed a deal with Sky (One of the biggest live TV services in the world) to bring a television service to XBL!. Therefore, people who are not American, I wouldn't worry.

Personally, I'd prefer the Sky TV Service.

Sarcasm3253d ago

"Meet my friend, his name is sarcasm."

Do I know you? lol j/k, I know what you meant.

rockleex3253d ago

I don't think you have to say "j/k".

They should already know what kind of comments you'd leave just by looking at your name. Lol.

Blaze9293252d ago

You have GOT to be one of the biggest Sony fanboys on this site. Hulu coming to the 360 (if so) will not be tagged as a E3 sony killer, its just a feature added to the many benefits of Xbox LIVE. Was Netflix a sony killer, was the recent Sky TV a sony killer? No they are just features.

As for "no one buys game systems to watch movies", you should know Hulu is not only for Movies and who the hell is going to by a xbox 360 to just watch Hulu on it? Did Microsoft see a boost when Netflix was launched?

No one is saying anything about Sony or the PS3. And sure you can play it through the PS3's browser but tell me how succesful that works the majority of the time becuase for me, not so well. This will be (if true) a integrated feature on the xbox 360 to just make the Xbox LIVE value better and continue on Microsoft's word to make it more of a entertainment device.

What a upset and blind fanboy, its ridiculous. Your sad.

Anyway, if this is true and Hulu comes to the xbox 360, I say good job Microsoft, I would really enjoy having it on the 360.

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Keith Olbermann3253d ago

I watch Hulu on my ps3 now......I guess this is good if you only own a 360.

Silellak3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

There is a big difference between watching it in the PS3's browser and actually having it integrated into the Dashboard ala Netflix. For one thing, HD versions of shows might be available.


You are right. There have certainly been no PS3 owners in recent Hulu threads discussing the pain of trying to watch Hulu in the PS3's browser. People never discuss slowness, crashing, etc. It is smooth and perfect.

"That is the only problem with using the PS3 to watch Hulu, it can be a royal pain in the ass at times."

"If the one thing they add is a smooth and easy-to-use Hulu that works as easily as Netflix, that's a nice addition. Especially compared to the tedium that is working with the PS3 browser."

"And I know the PS3 has a "browser," but neither me or my roommate make use of it considering how goddamned crappy it is. Why would I want a crap browser on my system when I already have a computer?"

"all i know is that its a hassle on the ps3 cuts in and out and crashes all the lets see if the 360 can do its better and the same as my pc can."

Pennywise3253d ago

LOL- There is no BIG difference.

Sarcasm3253d ago

It's not smooth and perfect, sure. But it does the trick when catching up on missed episodes of Heroes, family guy, and the simpsons.

And actually, for some reason the Simpsons is in widescreen and extra clear than the other shows.

Of course being used to watch Blu-Rays, but watching these shows on a bigger screen beats my 19" laptop.

evilmonkey5013253d ago

UM...It works for me just fine. ALL the time. I also have really good internet, so maybe that's your issue.

Pennywise3253d ago

Ive NEVER had a hulu problem. It looks great too. Maybe once the xbox can produce a true HD game, hulu will be in HD for you buddy.

chaosatom3253d ago

just like they did with youtube.

Arnon3253d ago

Your posts are just... so informative!


Mikerra173252d ago

I thought u were an xbot... what happened

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The Meerkat3253d ago

Sounds like a game for Wifit featuring Masterchief and a plastic hoop.

ascendantofrain3253d ago

Why not just watch live television shows ON YOUR TELEVISION??

We all know its going to be another paid service that M$ uses to nickel and dime their customers to death and sadly, their gonna pay for that service.

Pennywise3253d ago

Hulu is a free service. Its a website.

CaseyRyback_CPO3253d ago

but live costs money. So you have to pay to watch a free service.

Skyyo3253d ago

Yea Hulu is free bro...

Godmars2903253d ago

Hulu might be a free service, but if this happens expect to pay for XBL if you want to watch it on a 360.

PJF_Josh3253d ago

it's what _used_ to be on TV. It's loaded with shows from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's and that's why it's worthwhile for people who only own a 360. I use my PS3 to watch stuff on Hulu and I'd definitely use the 360 for the same reason (with the two of them in different rooms).

It's a free service and they'll either add it right into the NXE for free or make it available to Gold subscribers only but they won't charge extra for it. Either way I'm covered.

DevastationEve3253d ago

if it's integrated into the "dashboard" it has nothing to do with the live "service". microsoft can chose to make it a Gold member only feature if they wanted to, however i'm just clarifying that the dashboard is separate from the live service. so in other words it's not paid for.

and watching hulu on ps3's browser wouldn't be the same thing, although hulu is a website. those who are interested in trying to get hulu on x360 using media center extender should lookup, it's a plugin that you run from the mce shell. playon might be a better alterative if youre having fullscreen issues, as runs hulu just as it looks in a browser, and x360 doesn't use mice.

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