E3 '09: Motion Control - Novelty or Next-Gen?

From the feature article:

"There is no doubt that there are games that deserve a place at the top for being fun titles such as Wii Sports, Mario Galaxy but at the end of the day they stopped at being fun titles to play, the more serious titles did not meet expectations as the motion sensing didn't have the same effect with these titles an example of this was red steel where the point and shoot method grew old and was fairly slow and inaccurate. If there really is a place for motion sensing in console gaming there will have to be massive improvements made to current implementations for it to wipe off the stigma of being a novelty and MS look to be on the right track. The idea of having a 3D camera the main control for video games is one where many may be confused about but actually its very simple and extremely promising. Player's movements are picked up and certain aspects such as distance and position are picked up similar to that of vision camera or eye toy except there is now a perception of distance. There is no need for players to hold anything while playing games with a camera, which should save a few TV sets; is this the future of gaming?."

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Valkyrie833405d ago

Personally, from all the experience I have had with any motion sensing games or controllers (on the Wii, PS3, and 360) all of it is still just a novelty; busting out the normal controllers for the real high-def games is what really screams next-gen to me.....nice article though!

DA_SHREDDER3405d ago

Its not even a novelty. Its a gimmick. Its sorta like that salesman that used to stop by selling bootleg vacuums for a $1000 dollars when the $100 dollars one do as good if not better then those overpriced piece of sh*ts. Wii= 2 gamecubes duct taped together with motion controllers.

N4g_null3405d ago

I'm hearing the zcam is even better than IR pointing? I mean this is for the xbox and you guys should be all over it because it could be possibly better than the Wii rote which means more accuracy and speed. Yet MS isn't giving out the SDKs like candy right now and so far I know the Wii mote has been fixed with motion+

I feel your pain when it comes to some of the lesser games, but a few games showed how much better the controller is to analog which is the point of re-releasing some games on the console and watch them play even better.

Also 3rd parties didn't really put there all into these motion controller games and motion controls take too much time to get into the current engines right now. I'm sure that Halo would be crazy fun sniping with IR like controls that did not jump, al la motion+.

Hey I understand though you don't want to learn a new control method but I think MS would give you the choice to choose right? Plus they can also release a patch like what lair did, another failed motion game.

The fact that metroid got it right res evil 4 got is crazy right, and conduit is going to solidify the fact I would say motion controls are on their way. Plus the games listed are not even using motion+ yet.

The xbox can already share ports with the PS3 now if it could share some thing like NMH2 or red steel with the xbox 360 that would be big for MS.

Hey but what do I know I root for the Wii mostly in here and you guys don't seem to want it so I'll let you guys unleash on this faddish concept.

UltimaEnder3405d ago

Sometimes it's kind of fun to fly the plane with the controller, or fish off the dock in real-type motions; still I think it's more novelty than next-gen, at least until they come up with something that really works in today's gaming environments.....

DA_SHREDDER3405d ago

How bout just do those things in real life? Get out more often. Explore the world. Its so stupid that you guys spend hundreds of dollars on rock drum kits, guitars, and now skateboards with no wheels. You are all idiots.

koehler833405d ago

Do you often come to gaming sites to call gaming enthusiasts idiots?

Do you ever go to synagogues and call everyone nazis?

Perhaps you could just get a mirror.

UltimaEnder3405d ago

WOW Shredder, sounds like someone is a bit insecure; times are different now and most gamers are not basement rats that never leave the house.....get a life bro!

PepperJack3405d ago

i gotta go with novelty man. especially when it comes to sixaxis

hoplo3405d ago

I think several years into the future, it'll be more of a next-gen thing. but for right now, i've gotta go novelty. why? because for the fact that games don't run perfectly with it right now. i think it'll definitely get better, but right now it just doesn't feel natural. It's doesn't play how it should..yet. looking forward to reading this same article about 5 years from now.

wiizy3405d ago

sounds dumb to me....they trying anything to get the wii's sales..copying and that silly idea with the camera..i much rather have a motion control or something n my hands showing me that im actually controlling the game

Valkyrie833405d ago

I'm not sure they are copying anyone; Nintendo has definitely done it best but I think there is room out there for other console makers to cash in; they just have to figure out the right way to do it....

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