Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy. Almost done with a HUGE surprise

It seems the long-awaited and respected project by italian filmmaker Giacomo Talamini is almost done.
According to the official web-site, the last shots were taken on march the 15th 2009, and the final steps of post production have begun a month after.
This non-profit movie, about 90 minutes length, will be downloadable for free before the end of current year (after many delays)from the official web-site of the project (and arguably from some mirror sites).
Delays were not to blame at all, considering that the CG quality has improved a lot since the first shots, and that the dubbing includes some really awesome voiceover, including professional dubbers here sharing their Art for free.
Last minute HUGE surprise is that the ending track will be sang by Aoife Ferry, singer of the first Metal Gear Solid videogame ending track. Another pro working for free in the name of Art, internet, community.

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Nitrowolf23335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Sweet can't wait to watch.
I think that they did a pretty good job, we can't expect perfect i mean this is a non profitable no budget movie.
That really cool that they got the singer who sanged some of MGS song to do a song.