IncGamers: inFamous Review

IncGamers' Andy Alderson takes on the super/anti hero tale from Sucker Punch.

"Just as the open-world crime genre has become a little crowded in the last few years, with the GTA, Saints Row, Godfather and Mafia games battling it out for supremacy, the sandbox superhero game was bound to follow the same pattern. Spiderman II, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Crackdown all demonstrated that the way you navigate the open-world setting is the key to enjoyment, placing an emphasis on verticality above all else. PS3 owners will be glad to know that inFamous, Sucker Punch Productions' first foray into the genre, may just sport the most elegant and enjoyable navigation model in a sandbox game to date. However, while the game undoubtedly gives great traversal, its storyline, mission structure and pacing leave a little to be desired."

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Leord3285d ago

Must say, this is like my super-hero fantasies come true. I just hope it's as good as the gameplay vids show...

joydestroy3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

it is. maybe better than the gameplay vids.
lots of fun.

LevDog3285d ago

Ya I have to agree.. The gameplay vids and demo dont do it justice.. The demo you were kinda on a rail and couldnt leave that area.. The actual game is alot better.. Def worth the price, plus you get a beta code for the Uncharted multi player.. Whats not to love???

Milky3285d ago

hmmm quite a negative review for the 8 given at the end. I don't see how the karma system fails at all, it works seamlessly, always tracking what you do and it responds very well.

in my opinion, its a 9.2/10. Highlight: power develpoment.

Genesis53285d ago

Do you know what works for me with Infamous. It's fun and I like it. That's pretty much all I ask for in a game.

GiantEnemyCrab3285d ago

The game is excellent and this review is spot on! After playing the game for over 14hours the repetitiveness of it is starting to show and it's like the same missions over and over but what's there is fun.

rockleex3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

To be honest, all open world games get repetitive after a certain amount of missions or time.

That's why I always prefer a great scripted linear game like Uncharted over something like GTA any day.

But of course, I'd still play GTA and inFamous for the fun factors... while it lasts.

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thetamer3285d ago

Another open world, on top of the roofs thing. Mneh

AndyA3285d ago

To be fair, the vertical movement is handled very well.

Dorjan3285d ago

Doesn't sound all that bad, but not all that good either...

Might watch over a mates shoulder rather than pick it up.

TheHater3285d ago

There is a demo on the PSN store. Just go download it and play it for yourself.

-MoOkS-3285d ago

inFAMOUS is now ranked 85/100 on, expect it to go into the low 80's when more reviews are out.

Another ps3 exclusive, that was hyped AAA, that didn't deliver.

Next ps3 exclusive to flop - MAG

deadreckoning6663285d ago

Yeah, I honestly didn't see what EVERYONE else saw in Infamous and I thk M.A.G ill be a flop. Still, I feel that UNCHARTED 2 has it locked for GAME OF THE YEAR! The multiplayer is gunna be sick. It'll be sooo satisfying ta end some guy's 10 kill streak with a kick to the back of the head =D

OmarJA3285d ago

Don't worry your console got more flops...

Pathetic Mart.

butterfinger3285d ago

AAA exclusives does the 360 have this year? Oh, that's right, none.

jahcure3285d ago

What's the score of a "good" game if 85 is a flop. Just curious...

Black Maverick3285d ago

No offense but if that's how you think, then this game must have flopped harder than any before it according to the hype:

Man_of_the_year3285d ago

Ok Mooks, 85 may not be AAA but it surely is not a FLOP. I think the "FLOP" is the HYPE that the SONY FANBOYS made about this game. Proclaiming that this was another be all that ends all game.

Also @Black Maverick. - Halo Wars is an RTS game, not a sandbox game. Its by far harder to have an RTS game break into a console market when they are mainly for PC and get such great reviews. 82 is only 3 points off of 85. Honestly 82 is a great score for an RTS, while an 85 seems to be around the norm for a sandbox game...comparing it to games like GTA4, Crackdown 82 (one of the first games developed for a next gen game), Saints Row 1&2 81 and 82 etc.

themyk3285d ago

velvet assasin
How's that doing on meta?

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