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Socomer 19793400d ago

ah well, what are you gonna do?
Forget about it and keep playing.

Dellis3400d ago

Yes that is the only thing that could halt a Patch.....

Nitrowolf23400d ago

i don't know what this patch has anything to do with the next ps3 FW. Where did you get FW 3.00 From?

Pennywise3400d ago

A bug could halt a patch. At least GG knows when to hold it back instead of releasing it and making problems worse... cough /6 cough.

Socomer 19793400d ago

Its may 29th today and wheres my socom patch?
fckn a$$holes wanted bloggers to tell them a happy story and all.
Wtf? They purposely make Q & A grind hours so they can overlook stuff.

locos853400d ago

That patch needs to hurry up and come out so they finally release some DLC. 7 months of playing 7 maps is starting to bore me.

BLuKhaos3400d ago

O.O it's September already?!?

MercWithAmouth3400d ago

Meh, i'll be happy if it makes it by Flash & Thunder.

cryymoar3400d ago

inb4 "delaystation"


my game is still more next gen than yours!

sack_boi3400d ago

Yea but ma deak is bigger than yours.

cyborg69713400d ago

I think it's better then rushing it out only to find out that it bricks some systems

Nitrowolf23400d ago

are you responding that with 1.1 or 1?

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The story is too old to be commented.