Buy two videogames, get one free

It's the weekend, so why not stock up on some new games (well, new to you, anyway) for your Xbox, PS3, Wii, or other system? GameStop is offering a buy-two-get-one-free deal on used games for all consoles. Free shipping, too.

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Myst3364d ago

Gamestop never does this long enough, they seem to only do this when I don't have extra funds for games...

kornbeaner3363d ago

I rather it be buy two new get a used one for free. Gamestop only discounts more recent used titles by $5, thats near new price tag. The only reason they give the third free is because half of the first and second title is profit. so the third is given at no big loss. At this point I'm so fed up with them, I refuse to support them unless it benefits me in someway (pre-ordered BlazBlue for free upgrade to C.E.)
I Rather spend a little extra money on 2 brand new titles to help support the dev's who made those game, instead of the store selling those games used. But again money is money good deal for those who care for it.

AAACE53363d ago

Listen closely because I am tired of explaining this to those of you who don't understand how a business operates!

Gamestop and other stores like it were designed to take the "CRAP" you don't want anymore! "Crap", meaning stuff that has no value to you.

Let's say you go out and buy a crappy game. You trade it in at Gamestop, they give you $20-$25 for it and put a $54.99 price tag on it!

You feel cheated don't you?

Guess what? They will never sell that game again! If they are luchy, they may be able to sell it for $5-$10.

When they do get a game that people want to buy, they make their money back for buying your crap!

Before you decide to hate on gamestop, think about what you would do without them! The console manufacturers really want to go digital download. How would you feel if you bought a game and couldn't sell it? I bought games from XBL and am irritated that I can't trade it in to get at least something for it!

Also you guys need to understand that, with almost anything you buy, as soon as you break the seal or drive it off the lot... it is worth half of what you paid for it. And it depreciates in value as time goes on.

Another way to look at it... If you take a girl to a movie and buy snacks. You're out of $40-$60! You barely remember the movie and you've spent money you can't get back. At least you can trade a game in to get half of your money back!

kornbeaner3362d ago

but what about the games that aren't crap? how many Gears and Drakes and Halo's, Metal gears, etc do they low ball people on. Very rarely do any of the top end games get a value of $25 bucks or more. The average that gamestop usually buys top end games for is $15-$20. And they still sell those games at $55 dollars. The only games that make top end trades are games that have shown to have mass market appeal or those that show a great amount of sold units quick, titles such as Halo, gears, and CoD 4 are the exception and not the rule. Gamestop loves to lowball people for games and mark them pretty high compare to what they sell and ask for them. Gamestop is sort of like the Ebay of used games they buy low and sell extremely high, with the occasional great deal that is stumbled upon. There is a place for gamestop, but ever since they have bought out their direct competition in Eb games, they have really turned into a shadow of what they used to be, Gamestop/Funcoland was the sh!t, Gamestop without EB games = EB games with a bad attitude. On a side note I used to work at a Gamestop and have experienced first hand how shady it can be working there. Again its not the practice of buy used sellused that bugs me. Its the buying low selling way high that drives me crazy. I would love gamestop if they kept buying used games at an Avg of $15-20 but instead of $55 sold those games at $50 - $45 - $40 while still offering the 10% off for gameinformer subscribers, that would be great and that would've made this sell that much more grand. Can you imagine getting 3 great games that you have been holding off on for under a $100 that would be great.

P.S. And that whole popping the plastic makes the game worth less is B.S. because it only works one way, I have bought some "New" last copies of games which were already open but still got charged full price, but let the consumer try to feed them the same B.S. and that same game is 1/3 of its value, why is that?

Slinger4203363d ago

I never buy used games because I like to support those that put years of hard work into making them. 90% of the time used games look like they were shoved up someone's ass anyway.

Homicide3363d ago

Funny, I was going to go to GameStop tomorrow to hunt for some PS2 gems.

360DownINflames3363d ago

As soon as you go in there, dont buy this game buy this one thst one sucks.. ill give u 15 for trade in... for al 4 of those games...

Gamestop has definitely stopped the games.

kaelix3363d ago

No man would "Rather" nail their scrotum to the wall =\ there are alternatives dude... oooouuuuuuuucccchhhhhh T.T

kornbeaner3363d ago

Start small, I say nail your foreskin (If u still have it) LOL!!

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