Think Like Takahashi: Noby, Katamari, Creativity, And Carpet

Gamasutra: Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, is more interested in art, life, and his dog, than the work of his creative peers. He's more interested in going to the museum than going to the Game Developers Conference.

And he's not usually that interested in doing interviews -- in fact, Gamasutra never ended up publishing our most recent prior interview with Takahashi, because the editor who conducted it felt his taciturn responses weren't even worth transcribing.

So we were forced to tackle a tough question when it came to this interview: how to draw this private man, who famously would like to design a playground as much as he'd like to design a video game, out of his shell enough to talk about creativity.

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skwidd3400d ago

.. needs a guy like this. It is healthy and inspires new ideas. Whether his ideas work or not the industry would benefit lots from people like him. Give the man a hand.

JohnnyMann4203400d ago

I think my title says enough.