Telegraph Review: Punch Out!!

As if the return of pink leggings, Spandau Ballet and Bionic Commando wasn't enough, the 1980s neon-hued comeback continues on that most modern of machines, the Nintendo Wii.
Nintendo's cartoon boxing title from 1987 was the sort of fun and challenging video game that the company built its reputation on. It found its way into more widespread popular culture too, Mike Tyson promoted it and an entire episode of The Simpsons was dedicated to it. Here in 2009, Joe Calzaghe is on advert duty, but the essence of Punch Out!! remains unbruised in this Wii remake.

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Product3369d ago

by early estimates this game is doign very well in sales. It deserves it. Great game, a lot of fun.

Seferoth753369d ago

I;m liking it as well. About sales though, notice nobody is bringing up Punch Out sales even when its selling good but the haters are still bringing up madworld. I am sure had Punch Out not sold well we would currently have 20 articles about core games not selling on Wii and all the haters would be there to talk about a lack of games. yet Punch Out comes out, gets good sales, proves quality core games have no problem selling, and the haters are nowhere to be seen

Even in other articles they are still claiming there is nothing out on Wii worth their time. yet Punch Out is out and most dont even know it. it would just get in the way if their hate to acknowledge another great Wii game. Of course most of tem are falling all over Infamous and its mediocre at best.

Anon19743368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

It looks like fun but it appears it's only sold 12,000 in all of Europe and just over 100,000 in the US so far in it's first week. That's just slightly better than Madworld.

Hopefully it's just getting to a slow start and picks up later.

Edit: Have you actually tried Infamous? There's nothing mediocre about that game. It's an absolute blast!