Sony's Hirai vows to bring game division back to profit

Sony Corp's newly appointed corporate executive officer in charge of game and network businesses, Kazuo Hirai, said Thursday that one of the company's ''major missions'' will be to bring its money-losing game division back into profit at an early timing through cost-cutting efforts and expansion of its network services. ''We need to quickly bring our PlayStation business on a break-even level and later to profitability,'' Hirai, also president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, said.

The 48-year-old Hirai is one of the four young executives appointed in April by Sony's Welsh-born chief executive Howard Stringer in a radical management reshuffle carried out to speed up restructuring measures as the Japanese electronics giant sank deeply into the red. Sony's game division logged an operating loss of about 58.5 billion yen in the 2008 business year ended in March, marking its third straight year of red ink. The company as a whole logged its biggest-ever group operating loss of nearly 230 billion yen.

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Captain Tuttle3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Puts a big question mark on a price drop, at least before the holidays.

FreestyleBarnacle3368d ago

Unless the plan is to go aggressively after market share and now they have all those games to back it up make the profit on the royalties.

fire233368d ago

Only if they really don't have a slim model.

ultimolu3368d ago

They'll live.
Freestyle also has a point. That could be their strategy.

Foxgod3368d ago

How come nobody at MS is vowing that ?
O yeah, MS actually makes profit on yearly basis :D

snaz273368d ago

and i would question that... its because of mugs like you that pay to play online every year lmao... how many years have you had your 360? 4? so $200 roughly from you so far just so you can do what i do, only i do it free! lol... yeah good one im not even gonna go into the add-ons lol... who cares if the company makes profit or not anyway? thats for them to worry about surely? i only worry about which great exclusive im gonna play next.

Man_of_the_year3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Really? You can Party chat, have cross game chats and invites? Contact people via a computer while they are playing a game on their PS3? Send them messages and see who is playing via your blackberry? Hmmm cause 360 users can...even silver (free) accounts can do that...

I can't do it on my must have one of those new Slim PS3 that were "confirmed" with all those features that i just named that are on the 360.

RESPONSE: I agree that there are some attributes to the PSN that 360 doesn't have, but how do those attributes help with gaming? You bring in home but home is not a game. It is a meeting ground with no voice chat. I have no problem paying $50 a year for LIVE cause i play games, and most games i play are online with others. I like to comunicate with others while i play with them...or if i am in a game and my brother is playing a different game, i can still chat with him to find out how things are going and to tell him important information so to me, i think the way LIVE is unified is way more useful and is worth the $50 a year rather than a free service that is more of a seperated from the community experience. Home cannot be used while gaming so you can't use that argument.

snaz273368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

i would maybe use party chat sometimes, but i can do it just not in game... think ive used it once... party invites again i may use it sometimes, and in many games i can anyway, when its implimented into a game.... dont own a pc, dont own a blackberry.... can you surf the net and download films for free only using your 360?... can you go on home? can you download free music only using your 360? well i can do all those things mate... so for the features i would not pay that amount of money sorry i just wouldnt... say what you like about psn but it is getting better and better... these miner things you point out are nothing to me really... i wanna play games and i can do that online for free.
edit: oh and dont forget remote play which is a really overlooked feature of the ps3

snaz273368d ago

can you make multiple accounts on the same system for free? and im not on about bloody silver lmao... and im not sure if 360 can do this on not, so im not saying you cant but... can you activate your own account on another system? for instance you go to your friends house you can login and play with your details? you can do this on 5 systems... which you can also use to share games you have bought on the psn store... so get 4 good people together and its buy 1 get 4 free! lmao.... can these things be done? im sorry but if not then the things you mentioned are insignificant against the features i have mentioned dont you think? and i do it all for free.

PirateThom3368d ago

Microsoft made profit for one year. 2008. The only time since the XBox was released they've made profit. If Microsoft were to "go back to old ways", they'd be losing money.

What is your spin angle here?

Man_of_the_year3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Yes you can transfer your GOLD account GamerTag to your friends. So that you and your friend can play off the same 360 each using their own GOLD account at the same time up to 4 at a time, but you can have as many GOLD accounts on 1 360 as you want. My brother in law has his gamerTag on my 360 as well as i have mine on his cause we would like to use our own accounts while playing against each other (eg. FIFA 09) for the achievements. because it is set up on msn passport its easy to upload your gold membership to other 360's. Yes you can have multiple GOLD accounts but you still need to pay for that membership. Silver you do not and still can game on the weekends for free online.

snaz273368d ago

i forgot ofcourse we can chat to multiple people while playing online, dont even know why i said we couldnt do it in game lol.. i was even playing inferno pool today with 2 of my friends, we cannot cross game chat, however hopw does that help with games? like you said the feature =s i mentioned do not help with games... neither does cross game chat, cross game invites also is a little weak as you still have to change discs and everything, i would just send someone a message "wanna play so and so" hed put his disc in then id invite him so really what is the difference? home is used for games however like with game launching, and how is there more community than actually having a virtual community? yes you can voice chat in home just only to 1 person, but really i have a keyboard and chat just fine with that, i actually prefer it on home like that, i mean its how im talking to you now lol, i mean its awesome to say be chatting to someone with like minded interests in a virtual world then say "fancy some r2?"...

snaz273368d ago

... and just jump right into a game then when your done go back to home, to me thats what i call a community... having to pay 50 quid to have another gold account on the same 360 to me is scandelous as i can do that for free, also remote play does indeed help with gaming cos say your in starbucks in the us (or anywhere else with wifi, also i live in the uk) i could fire up my ps3 at home and play some games remotely, not to mention watch my films i have installed and listen to my music and view my photos... but anyway the point of me saying the features i did wasnt just to show how they help gaming but just to show how many cool features the ps3 has... to me all you pay for is cross game chat, cross game invites (which ive already said is no different really to how i do it) but if your happy with that its fine lol... oh and how about the sharing games feature i mentioned? can it do that? for me the ps3 is feature packed and really amazes me they offer them for free.

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Forrest Gump3368d ago

The next PsP might do the trick.

Bebedora3368d ago

Everybody knows MS keeps everything in the dark. Not green. Not read. Dark.

cryymoar3368d ago

but he makes more money than your ass.

Captain Tuttle3368d ago

He makes more money than his family tree.

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