Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Collector's Edition - What's in the box? Techland has revealed what will constitute the Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood PC Collector's Edition Pack. The buyer will get a wooden box with Call of Juarez parts 1 & 2, a lighter, a poster with guns descriptions, a T-Shirt, a hat, a special code that will unlock bonus features in the game, an audio CD and a DVD with exclusive video material.

This one has been announced only for Poland as of yet.

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killer3aw3336d ago

I like the hat and lighter but plz don't just put it poland :(

free2game3653336d ago

That's only for about 53 US dollars too.

Campy da Camper3336d ago

Now THAT is a decent "Collectors Addition". Some games come with an hour or two of BSF, commentary and MAYBE a code or cheesy plastic toy.

I really enjoyed the first game. I know it wasn't a graphical powerhouse and had a couple camera glitches here and there but the story, art design, audio and theme really nailed it. Very excited to be picking this up.

zagibu3336d ago

Actually, it had pretty good graphics. It even supports DX10, and was the second game to do so, after Lost Planet, IIRC.

TheMurderer3336d ago

That is an awesome collectors edition. BOY I hope it comes here.
And I wish it were for consoles, too.