Is HVS Nintendo's new Rare?

Rare used to be known for killer software on Nintendo platforms, but will HVS finally be the developer that fits Rare's shoes?

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Cajun Chicken3406d ago

Does seem that way; but lets wait for the games to come out and get reviewed first.

Product3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

very true but the passion seems there. Remember they are doing every game with their own money for the most part.

It took Rare 10 years before Nintendo snatched them up and they had publisher backing.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3405d ago

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Mods on this site are morons. How did I "spam" N4G? Retards or fanboys.

N4g_null3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

HVS is doing there own thing and rare because too much like nintendo. I don't think HVS has this problem since Eric has some sweet tats, it's just not in his character to go for a collect the coin type of game.

Also they make games they would want to play. Truthfully the only game I really liked from these guys was golden eye and I already like most of what HVS is coming out with.

In away it would actually be a put down also because it's pretty clear it would take more thank the conduit team leaving for HVS to be seen as a weaken developer.

The golden eye team basically left and started freeradical and rare was basically left with people that wanted to make hey we hide the peaces and you find them games. Another thing is I don't think nintendo would even let them make the games they are making under a 1st party program but who knows?

NMC20073405d ago

Exactly what I was going to post, let's wait until the games come out first, just because you announce a bunch of games doesn't give you a rep, and it's stupid to say they are Nintendo's rare when they have not released anything on the Wii yet, AFAIK. Have they?

What's next? Is Rare Microsoft's Nintendo?

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phantomexe3405d ago

yea hats off to high voltage and them sending out thank you emails,it's just wild no one does that.Got my copy of the conduit preordered.

qface643405d ago

i dunno if i would go that far
BUT if HVS continues the good pace they are on then yes they will be and i will be happy to support HVS as much as i can

Myst3405d ago

I would say High Voltage is well on their way to becoming similar to what Rare was. I mean they really are going all out and kind of makes me happy that they are putting so much of their resources towards the Wii system. Even to the point of making me look toward the Conduit even though I had already decided I would pass on it for a while. With my only game being Monster Hunter Freedom United for June, that may change very soon. Just hope people will be on the multiplayer option :)

Shnazzyone3405d ago

well seeing as COD: waw for wii is still hopping then I imagine conduit could be huge. COD: Waw is great but let's face it... we'd all rather be using scifi guns. WW 2 guns are old hat!

Myst3405d ago

Well then High Voltage software has just gotten another buyer of the game and I have another game that I will be getting next month now :).

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