E3 2009 in Playstation Home confirmed

James Gallagher, content producer for SCEE, has officially revealed through a reply to a comment on the EU Playstation.Blog that the SCEA press conference will be available to watch in Playstation Home.

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SL1M DADDY3247d ago

Bad a**. Being able to see the conference in a virtual environment makes me a happy camper. Don't have the money or the means to see the conference in person I'll take the next best thing. Better than seeing a YouTube video any day.

Dark_Vendetta3247d ago

You can use Gametrailers too, they're streaming it in HD, but the servers could break down due to too many users.

gaffyh3247d ago

@1.2 - Yeah GT is doing live streams too, but their servers are really good, I'd be very surprised if the website crashes during the conferences.

SL1M DADDY3247d ago

Just saying, why not use the best avenue to view the conference. Of course, if you are at work and can get on GT, use them by all mens.

himdeel3246d ago

...I just hope it will be up for download on PSN after the live feed or semi-live feed in HOME.

locos853246d ago

It would be even better if they remade their whole E3 floor in Home. My avatar would be able to attend.

CoxMulder3246d ago

@ locos

Yea I agree.
We should be able to walk around in a virtual E3, walking up to a booth, playing demos, watching trailers/demonstrations.. THAT would be the bomb, this video of the sony conference is kinda 'meh' imo.

Why o why3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

if i could do that id run up to greenberg and virtual dropkick his nose.....all in good fun though. Who would you drop kick???

@ locos
I heard that that was the direction home would end up at eventually and I believe they could pull it off somehow

deadreckoning6663246d ago

Ummm apparently no one hear has G4.

Pain3246d ago

Thats where it will all go down in that new space, and what a space it is OMG! was made just for E3 i bet.

if you havent seen it yet go take a look, like wow..

menoyou3246d ago

yes i was expecting this. i really hope they model the conference and e3 booths for us to visit virtually

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Cajun Chicken3247d ago


3246d ago
pippoppow3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Don't worry you can use your vaunted party chat to talk about E3 as you watch it from another source.

Perkel3246d ago

@ 36T

It's funny that you are saaaadd..

BTW nice !

3246d ago
Perkel3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

@ 36T

I know !!!!


but seriously to the point. Finaly HOME is delivering something, with HOME thropies for virtual home (RE5 for eg.), that we thought it would be part of it from very beggining, and now you are trying to despise it.

You think that posting on N4G is cooler than HOME live E3 show ? Both are the same. Both must be gay in your mind. So why are you doing this ? Because it's fun ? Yeah HOME is fun to more people that you think.

doG_beLIEfs3246d ago

So Home is lame you say? Then what does that say for the Miitoo ripoffs that just stand there with those goofy poses? In my opinion its bad enough that you have such lame little Avatars, no what's worse is that MS makes it MANDATORY to have a silly little Tree-atar.

Home is evolving and is getting better every week. The R2 mini-game is very addicting.

My avatar can go where ever he wants in an constantly expanding virtual world. Your avatar just STANDS there.

Yeah, you are right....Home sucks and MS's Avatars are the superduperdupidistastical bestist MANDATORY interface evaaaaaar.

You silly little man.

bnaked3246d ago

totally yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!! That is f*cking awesome!!! Watching the press conference together with all the other people.. And you can talk about the games, while watching it, thats just ingenious!

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Mr_Bun3247d ago

It only makes sense....I am surprised that they didn't announce this earlier.

ButterToast3246d ago

ya I've just been waiting for this announcement since i first tried Home. really cant wait to see what they do.

Whitefeather3247d ago

I'm SOOOO gonna be there!