Boomtown Preview: Red Dead Redemption

Boomtown writes: "Rockstar has become synonymous with several things over the last decade or so – a risqué sense of humour; controversial ideas for games and content that gets Daily Mail readers hot under the collar. Above all though, Rockstar is known for creating great games in the form of its Grand Theft Auto series.

Among all this though – in 2004 to be precise - Red Dead Revolver was released – a game inherited from Capcom and entrusted with Rockstar to complete. It was quite a departure from the likes of GTA and Manhunt, although nobody doubted Rockstar's ability to develop, albeit only partially, a game that needed a different approach to what they were used to. The game wasn't a huge success, despite being met with good critical reception. Clearly Rockstar had enough faith in the idea though, and indeed themselves, to go back to the concept and create their own game, from the ground up. "This is our game, made how we want it to be made", says Rockstar."

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Rhezin3403d ago

I really cannot wait for this one this fall. Nor can I wait for MUA: 2, Bioshock 2, Assasin's Creed 2, and MW: 2. Sequels all to great games.