Boomtown Review: inFamous

Boomtown writes: "It's pretty convenient how whenever one of these increasingly frequent city-devastating tragedies occurs, someone is imbued with superhuman abilities powerful enough to combat whatever nasties have emerged as a consequence. It's more likely, on the event of a freak and immense explosion, as in inFamous' case, that in fact no one would receive anything beyond a natural reaction. To be honest, they'd most likely be treated to a fundamental attribute of nature: death. Just hope you're well within the blast radius."

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deadreckoning6663401d ago

Im quickly noticing that Infamous has as many 8's and 7's as it does 9's. I bet its a great game, but ill wait for Prototype since I already have it on pre-order.

Socomer 19793401d ago

Wow, no wonder not everybody can lead. there are so many weak minded people in the world who just follow or need to be told how to think. This must be why government gets away with so much crap and PR it on the news. People are generally stupid. I wonder? Are there more good people or bad people in the world? I guess it depends on the propaganda. Maybe, People arent into history class anymore. If there were more history buffs or at least people who take a interest on human behavior, culture and beliefs and history we as a race of human beings wouldnt rely so much on peoples opinions, believe lies, raise thier children blindly, not question authority and build futures as batteries for a corporation.

But then again, maybe im just on a website where these nerdy children and teenagers are already hopeless and Im just seeing that now. Its time for me to google revolutinary ideas for a site that laughs at these sheep and has plans on how to use them.

umm... no offence deadreckoning666

Morituri3401d ago

Slowly...put the gun down and step away from the baby...

deadreckoning6663401d ago

lol none taken. the thg about reviews is that they are the opinions of the people who already played the game. I obviously don't have access to the game before it comes out. So how else does a person make a decision about buying a game without educating themselves about it through reviews? It don't believe in renting and game vids don't tell me how the game plays. This is why I believe others opinions should help u decide on a game if there is no demo available.

Socomer 19793401d ago

im just playing! lol.
i was looking for a diff reaction but you diffused it.
i try again next time.

Morituri3401d ago

Just trying to keep it nice and cordial around these here parts.

Socomer 19793401d ago

I hear you dude. I dont go by reviews because i have alot of experience with these games. I remeber what games i like and who made them and i just trust or go with my gut. everytime I go by reviews I end up buying some game i hate or felt like I played before like fallout 3 and farcry 2 but thats just the nature of the biz. every now and then you gotta bite the bullet and see what happens.

So far this generation, N4G has been my best guide. I love all the fanboys who actually play the games they are excited about. There are alot of personalities here and i am greatful of the user reviews. But like I said, I have alot of experience and have a pretty good idea myself about what developers are trying to give it their all.
later, until the next battle of words.