Nudity in The Saboteur - New Screenshots has updated its The Saboteur gallery with new screenshots from the upcoming Pandemic game. It is definitely worth checking out. For a breast or two...

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hitthegspot3367d ago

I liked the other picture better...

Yokan3367d ago

Talk about game of the year lol

SullyDrake3367d ago

And not some massive Pamela Anderson jugs and huge Kim Kardashian asses.

hitthegspot3367d ago

I hope they add these ladies to "Duke Nukem Whenever 3D"

nycredude3367d ago

I would like for someone to make a adult game on the consoles! Not like just sex but some kind of thriller with sex in it or something.

Tony P3367d ago

Adult games on consoles are suicide right now. Pick up a gaming PC. Few PC titles shy away from more adult themes. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if these screens were PC only and the nudity never made it to the console versions. Although there was that one guy in Lost & Damned... >.>

So you never know.

I find adult user mods a good solution. That way you take an already good game (like Oblivion or Fallout) and add just a bit or a lot of the sexy stuff without turning the game into the Playboy mansion.

KaBaW3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

The Godfather 2 showed boobs, as well.

somesonyguy3367d ago

pick up Indigo Prophecy on PS2. Thriller + Adult "Love" Scene.

TheDude2dot03367d ago

Confirmed first day purchase!

SolidAhmed3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

it is a move to have some sales since nudity does it well in some games

so are they desperate to have some sales?

rockleex3367d ago

But the boobs... meh.

Its not like you can interact with them in full physics... or can you?

FarEastOrient3366d ago

I don't remember anyone complaining about the love scene in Indigo Prophecy... I wonder if this game is going to cause a storm?

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Rich16313367d ago

Well, those are some nicely rendered t!ts but I think they did this to stir up controversy and therefore get free publicity. I swear that is why Rockstar purposely loves to piss people off and yank chains by coming across as rebels, it seems Pandemic Studios is trying the same thing.

Panthers3367d ago

I remember getting a mag with this game on the cover like 3 years ago. I was wondering if it was still being made. It caught my interest then and still looks cool. The French resistance during WW2 was very complex and interesting. I cant wait to play this game.

kingme713367d ago

digital mams make life worth living.

PhilipLarkin3367d ago

Looking to be a great game, rubbish to stick boobs in it and hope that brings in some extra cash.

BYE3367d ago

The game doesn't look like it needs extra publicity.

It's just nice and realistic to have nudity in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.