BRINK teaser video deconstructed

PCFormat takes a look at the teaser for BRINK and does some deconstructing. BRINK is the new FPS game announced last night from developer, Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks: "The snap (above) has been brightened a little to make it clearer, but could it be my wild imaginings, or does it seem like there's a face reflected onto the right-side of the eyeball? Check it out for yourself between 27 sec to 40 secs. If it is a figure, it is very subtle."

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Ari3334d ago

Source is an interview with MD of Bethesda, Sean Brennan a few weeks ago -
"We've signed the Splash Damage deal, and its first title with us is going to be shown at E3. We're not announcing the name yet, but it's a first-person shooter. That's a product that we believe is a genre-breaker, it's a real killer app."

n4gn4gn4gn4g3334d ago

thanks for looking that up.

Ari3334d ago

No problem! Doesn't look like it'll get approved anyway. For some reason a story I deleted is still in the pending list and has been reported as a duplicate to this. Having trouble with N4G's Javascript for some reason, keeps crashing my browser.

Ari3334d ago

Okay, I was wrong. Thanks all. Looking forward to hearing more about this one. :)