G4TV's Hands on With Heavy Rain

At last year's half-assed version of E3, there weren't too many highlights. It was pretty dismal in fact. It wasn't until the second day of the show that I was ushered into a room with around 25 other journalists who would get to see one of a handful of behind closed door demos of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain. What I was greeted with was one of the most unique experiences, and breathtaking visuals I had seen at the show. Not only was it my game of the show for E3, but also game of the show at Germany's Games Convention last summer. It wasn't until last month at Sony's Gamers' Day that I actually got my hands on the game, and while there's still a few tweaks the game needs, Heavy Rain is one impressive PS3 exclusive that could turn out to be one of the biggest games of the year.

While the first demo focused on a made-up scenario with Madison Paige, we finally were privy to real gameplay from Heavy Rain, and more details on the characters. Heavy Rain will feature four main playable characters, including Ethan Mars, Scott Shelby, Madison Paige, and Norman Jayden. Gamers will play each character from one scene to another, and each of the four characters will have four separate destinies, however each of their stories will be interlaced around the central story and theme – "How far are you prepared to go to save the one you love?"


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