Bone-idle : 5 Classic single player games to play with friends.

Bone-idle writes "In today's world of high definition graphics Hollywood style storylines and voice acting, very often what is lost is just plain good old fashioned fun and addictive game play. The next generation releases such as Gears of war 1 & 2 and Killzone 2 are huge epic battles of scales we could never have imagined growing up but sadly they are not made for sharing, gone are the days of quick missions, high death counts where you and 3 or 4 of your buddies could sit around taking turns on a single player game. With missions now lasting 10, 15 and even over 20 min's waiting for your go to come around can take up to an hour if your mates are good enough.

What makes a great single player game to share with your friends is a high turnover of whatever rules you have set to pass the controller on be that deaths, failed missions, passed mission or just lack of idea's.

So now we look back with nostalgic tears in our eyes at a misspent childhood and calls of "my go next"!!. Below you'll find 5 games that I personally have enjoyed amongst the company of others in the past, what made the games great fun was they were ground breaking at the time they were flustratingly addictive to the point of controllers getting hurtled against walls vowing never to play that game again only to pick up the controller again 2 minutes later for "one more go" !"

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